Handy iPhone trick to track your phone even if it’s turned off

Your iPhone has endless tips and tricks, some of which make using the phone more convenient and others purely for fun.

One very useful trick, shared by an Apple expert, revealed an easy hack to allow iPhone users to keep track of their phones even if the device is switched off or in airplane mode.

The expert, Niels van Straaten or @appledsign on Instagram, shared a video showing exactly how the trick works.

His account, which has over 1.2 million followers, contains several iPhone tricks including moving multiple apps at the same time, how to adjust your flashlight's intensity and more.

Here's what you need to do to activate the iPhone tracking trick.

How can you prevent from having iPhone switched to airplane mode?

Start by going to your Settings and from here to 'Face ID and Passcode.' Next, toggle off the access to the control centre and USB accessories when the phone is locked.

This second step prevents thieves from switching your phone to airplane mode. He explained in the video: "The first thing a thief would do is toggle on Airplane Mode to disconnect from the internet."

The airplane mode typically prevents people from tracking their phone if it's been lost or taken. This mode can usually be activated if the phone is locked, but by toggling the access off, as Niels suggested, you can prevent that.

Another step he recommended was making sure that 'Location Services' is always on. You can find this option by clicking on 'Privacy' in the iPhone settings section, where you'll find the Location Services section.

How can you track your iPhone if it's turned off?

To keep track of your iPhone, go to the 'Find My' section, by searching for it on your phone's settings. This lets users track the location of all their Apple devices.

The option has three sub-sections, and it's important that you toggle on all three to track your phone.

He said: "Go to your Apple ID, Find My, click on Find My iPhone, and make sure to toggle on Find My iPhone, Find My Network and Send Last Location."

Toggling these settings on will enable users to find their iPhone even if it's offline, in power reserve mode or shut off. This will also help share the phone's most recent location when the battery is very low.

What other tips help you track your phone?

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The comment under Niels' video,which has over a million views, had several other useful tips that can help you keep your phone safe.

One comment warned: "Make sure to turn off Siri when the phone is locked. She turned airplane mode on without me having to use the control centre."

People complained that keeping their location services on all the time drains their battery. However, other commenters argued that it was worth it to keep their iPhone safe.

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