Grieving Hong Kong pet owners digitally clone 2000 dead hamsters amid COVID cull

Heartbroken hamster owners in Hong Kong have turned to the Internet in the face of a devastating cull of 2000 hamsters.

The Hong Kong government has caused public outrage after launching plans to euthanise 2000 hamsters.

This is because a handful of hamsters tested positive for COVID-19, sparking fears that a new strain could emerge.

Despite petitions, the government isn't backing down, and pet owners are now being forced to drop off their hamsters for the chop at an official centre.

Left with no other option, a group of Hong Kong citizens have turned to the Internet's latest money making craze: NFTs.

The group, which plans to create 2000 resurrected hamsters on the blockchain and sell them as NFTs, will donate all the proceeds to an animal charity fighting the euthanasia of animals.

"We will not stand for the euthanising of our little hamsters," the anonymous group called Carries Hamsters (named after Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam) wrote on Instagram.

The project will turn the dead hamsters into priceless digital artifacts. They will work with hamsters of "all sorts of colours, with attributes that directly related back to our home, Hong Kong," according to the group.

The group have already received criticism on Instagram for "trying to profit off of the death of thousands of animals".

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What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

First appearing in 2014, a non-fungible token is a bit of unique non-interchangeable data that represents something in the real world.

They can be bought and sold using cryptocurrencies and are a good way to buy the original copy of digital artwork due to their unique 'identifying codes'.

An NFT is built to prevent the endless replication of things online.

The ability to copy, rip and pull everything from videos to images to documents with nothing more than the pressing of a few buttons has caused big problems for old school ideas like property and ownership.

They use blockchain technology similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but are different in that while every crypto coin is identical to the next, an NFT is totally unique.

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