Google's Nest Unveils Minimal Redesign for Smart Thermostat

Google‘s Nest has unveiled a minimal redesign for its smart thermostat, a simpler, well-refined successor to the previous-gen Nest Learning Thermostat.

After nine years, Nest has decided to strip away the device’s familiar scroll wheel, replacing it with a touch-sensitive strip on the right side instead — it allows users to navigate the interface to make adjustments to the temperature. This new design allowed Google to bring the device’s price down by $40 USD in comparison to the older model. The thermostat’s face is finished with a sleek mirror, with a light display that cuts right through. It also comes with the same Soli technology used in the Pixel 4 that automatically detects the user when he/she stands in front of it. Other features like Eco mode, which saves energy when you’re not home, a new scheduling system, voice control and remote app control round off its functions.

Google’s Nest Thermostat is currently available on Google’s website for $129 USD.

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