Google users can now silence their home assistant by simply saying ‘stop’

Few things are more annoying than when your Google Assistant-powered smart home display or speaker has misheard you, and starts rambling on and on.

Most Android users will know that in order for you to stop the Assistant, you have to say: "OK Google, stop", or "Hey Google, stop".

Google fans will be happy to know that a change has been made that will make your life a lot easier.

Now, instead of having to add the natural "Hey Google" or "OK Google," you can simply say "stop".

This will feel a lot more natural for users, and it will just make it that much quicker to stop the Google Assistant from blathering on.

Google recently tweeted about the news, saying: "Helpful new Google Assistant feature art! Want your smart display or speaker to stop talking? Just say 'stop' – no #HeyGoogle needed."

The tech company has been testing the capability of Google's devices to react to voice commands without using "wake words" since last year.

The feature, which was codenamed "Guacamole", has been long-awaited by Google fans.

If the command isn't working for you, make sure your smart speaker/display and your Google Home App are up-to-date. If they are, give the feature a couple of days to fully roll out.

5 Google Assistant commands you need to know

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The Google Assistant is an amazing tool that can help make your life easier in many ways.

There are many incredible commands that can help you navigate your schedule, translate languages, get restaurant recommendations, and play music. But here are some of the best ones you need to know.

1. Find your phone

If you have lost or misplaced your Android phone, you can use the Google Assistant to find it.

Simply ask where it is, and it will ring your phone for you.

The best thing about this is that it works even when your phone is on Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode.

2. Set a reminder

At launch, the Google Assistant was famously unable to set reminders. Luckily, the issue was solved.

You can now tell Google to remind you to do something. Simply say: "Hey Google, remind me to…"

If you don't specify when you want to be reminded, Google will ask.

3. Do maths without a calculator

You can use your phone to do maths on the calculator, but what's the fun in that?

Without having to type anything out, you can ask Google to perform a calculation or conversion. You'll get the reply instantly.

4. Track a flight

Another handy thing you can do with the Google Assistant is track where a flight is.

This is especially great if you're picking up someone from the airport and want to know if their flight is on time.

Simply ask Google, "What's the status of [airline, flight number]".

5. Play a game

You don't just have to use Google's help for day-to-day tasks. You can also just have some fun.

Tell Google: "I'm feeling lucky", and you'll be drawn in to a multi-choice trivia game.

If you say "play a game" Google will give you a variety of options, including Crystal Ball.

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