Google makes it easier to listen to your favourite songs on Spotify, Apple Music

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Google has been busy tinkering with how its search results page will appear. It was only last month that the Mountain View firm changed how search pages appear on mobile devices. These changes were meant to make it easier to read search results on Android and iOS.

And now, the design tweaks are also making its way onto desktop, with users able to listen to your favourite songs on services such as YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify when searching for tracks, artists and albums related to music.

In the updated search pages Google has moved the buttons you need to access these streaming services higher up the page into a more prominent position. So, you no longer need to scroll down a bit to click on the Spotify, Deezer or YouTube Music icons.

The Google search redesign also moves things around so more information is displayed in one area of the screen at once. This is thanks to a new sidebar on the left-hand side which lets users choose from a range of options. If you search for an album the sidebar will let you choose from overview, listen, videos and songs.

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Whereas if you search for a specific song you’ll be able to choose from overview, lyrics, videos and listen.

It’s a handy new redesign, but it hasn’t been rolled out to all Google search users just yet. While 9to5Google were able to see this redesign on their end, when tried searching for songs and album titles we were just presented with the old look search results.

This new Google search update comes after earlier this year the search engine giant talked about the ethos behind these visual changes.

Google designer Aileen Cheng said: “We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily. I find it really refreshing. To me, it’s a breath of fresh air!”

Cheng went onto add: “Rethinking the visual design for something like Search is really complex. That’s especially true given how much Google Search has evolved. We’re not just organising the web’s information, but all the world’s information.”

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