Gmail login security: Can you bypass your Gmail security number sent to your mobile?

Security and privacy are today at a premium, meaning email password protection has never been more important. The Google Gmail security number is a key method of keeping your data safe – so this stage of the process should never be bypassed

How to secure your Gmail account:

Reusing passwords across multiple sites and services is a sure-fire method of asking for your account to be hacked.

Google consequently advises users to consider unique, randomly generated passwords, for every online account you have.

Keeping track of all those passwords is easy when you use a password manager.

To change your Google Gmail account password, visit the Google account security page and click on Password under the Signing in to Google section.


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Next verify your password if prompted, then enter your new password – generated by your password manager – and click Change Password.

Two-step verification means hackers need more than a password to access Google accounts, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Pay.

Users reusing the same password for multiple services, should expect an inevitable data breach or phishing scam.

With two-step verification, any prospective hackers would require a password and randomly generated six-digit passcode or physical access to your phone before they could gain access to your account.

Turn on two-step verification by visiting Google account security page and clicking on the relevant link.

Follow the prompts until you reach the section, then decide whether you want to receive push alerts in the Gmail app to approve login request.

Using alerts in the Gmail app is easier, but it means you have to have your phone nearby at all times.

You will also need a connection to approve the alert.


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If you choose to use a passcode, you can receive it via text message or access it in a password manager.

Those who wish to opt out of alerts should click Try It Now to receive an alert on the phone it was listed on the screen.

If you want to use passcodes, however, click on Choose another option and then Text message or voice call.

Enter your phone number and then the code to activate two-step verification.

After entering the code and clicking a few more buttons, two-step verification will be activated.

Those who continue to rely on passcodes are advised to set up an Authenticator app for their Google account.

Users can either use Google’s Authenticator app or a password manager.

Simply click on Set Up under the Authenticator app section, then select the type of phone you use.

Use your preferred app to scan the QR code, then enter the passcode generated by your app to verify everything is set up properly and you’re done.

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