Futuristic power source could replace petrol and ‘create energy out of thin air’

Despite plummeting gas prices, energy bills are set to rise yet again in April, heaping more untold misery upon households across the UK.

It's no wonder then that alternative forms of energy are becoming increasingly attractive, particularly when they're more powerful than ever before.

Well, we're one step closer to a world without expensive bills, thanks to a breakthrough new project by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan in the USA.

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They've created two devices which can harness energy from thin air at a much more efficient rate than existing solar panels.

One solar panel-like device mimics the photosynthesis of a plant to convert water and light into hydrogen and oxygen. This enable the panel to gather much more light and work more efficiently in high temperatures.

Zetian Mi, the professor who led the study, said: "In the end, we believe that artificial photosynthesis devices will be much more efficient than natural photosynthesis, which will provide a path toward carbon neutrality."

Another device is designed to act like an artificial leaf that can store and gather energy from sunlight. It does this by gathering water from thin air and using it to produce hydrogen gas.

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The race to create a new energy source using hydrogen and oxygen is hotting up, as industries look to wean themselves off of polluting fossil fuels.

Last month, Porsche announced it had filled up a 911 sports car with synthetic fuel made of air and water for the first time.

The company used something called an eFuel, which works exactly like normal petrol and is produced at a wind-powered plant.

It's intended as a future fuel for hybrid cars which use a combination of electricity and combustion engines to drive on the road.


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