Freeview issues fresh TV alert to users ahead of important deadline tomorrow

Freeview has issued a new alert to thousands of homes and it’s definitely worth checking your TV signal today. The popular telly service is warning customers that a useful helpline will be shutting down on July 7 which means those with on-screen issues will no longer be able to get instant advice from the team of experts.

The useful hotline was set up to help avoid problems due to the Bilsedale mast in the North East coming back online. This vital antenna was damaged by a raging fire back in 2021 with temporary equipment keeping homes connected to a signal whilst urgent repairs were carried out.

After two years of maintenance, the mast is now fully operational but the switchover back to this technolgy could cause issues for some homes which is why a helpline was set up.

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“On 22 May 2023 the new Bilsdale mast began transmitting TV services to the region, with HD services restored on 04 June,” Freeview explained in a post on its blog page.

“Most viewers noticed very little disruption, if any, as the new mast stands on the same site as the old one and uses the same channels and frequencies as the 80m tower that was previously providing signals.

“Anyone who still experiences disruption, or a loss of services, is first asked to perform a retune and to call the helpline before 07 July on 08001214828 if any problem persists.”

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If you live in an area supplied by the Bilesdale mast and are noticing any glitches with your TV signal then now is a good time to give the advice line a ring.

From tomorrow getting things fixed could be a little more complicated so don’t delay.

Here are some of the areas that are supplied by Bilesdale: Harrogate, York, Filey, Whitby, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Hartlepool, Peterlee, some areas of Seaham and some areas of Sunderland .

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