Fortnite down as servers go offline and panicked gamers say ‘I’m shaking’

Fortnite is down after the mega popular game went offline for server maintenance ahead of the release of Season 2.

"Since Fortnite has gone down, I'm shaking, I can't sleep," one fan said, reacting to the news.

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, have confirmed the "downtime" starts today, informing players they will be kicked out of the game for that period.

A message from Epic Games adds: “Downtime for Chapter 3 Season 2 will start at 3:00 AM ET (07:00 UTC) with matchmaking being disabled 30 minutes prior.”

With Fortnite offline, players can download a brand new update on consoles, PC and smartphones.

While there's no official end time for the server maintenance, downtime typically lasts for around two hours.

The new season is set to start between 9am GMT and 1pm GMT, so fans won't have to wait long to get back online.

The new season is titled Resistance, and centres around the battle between the IO and The Seven. As previously reported, Dr Strange will headline the new Battle Pass, alongside seven other new skins.

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Judging by the trailer, tanks will be added to the game, while it appears regular vehicles can be modded with weapon attachments.

New weapons and items include the Thermal AR, as well as the Cow Catcher Vehicle Mod.

After a week without any hints or teasers, Epic finally made the update official via a Twitter post on Saturday afternoon.

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