Forget BT! New broadband from EE makes its rivals look embarrassingly slow

BT broadband users might fancy making a simple switch over to EE in the coming months. The popular UK mobile network, which is actually part of the BT group, has just announced the launch of a speedy service that will leave its rivals for dust. The new plan, which looks set to arrive in the summer, will offer consumers the chance to get broadband whizzed into their homes at speeds over 1.5Gbps.

To put that into some perspective, the current UK average is around 72Mbps making EE’s offering over 20 times faster.

With 1.6Gbps installed, users can expect to see a full Hollywood blockbuster downloaded in just 20 seconds. The same HD film beamed to tellies using a standard connection would take around 10 minutes.

Along with being much, much faster, EE is also promising that subscribers will get a boost to their Wi-Fi router thrown in as well. Called the Smart Hub Plus, this device includes clever tech to make sure that all-important Wi-Fi reaches every corner of homes.

Smart Hybrid Connect can also be added which will keep users connected even if the fixed-line broadband goes offline. That’s thanks to the system automatically switching over to EE’s 4G to keep homes connected during outages.

So how much is all this power and speed going to cost?

EE hasn’t disclosed pricing but expects this 1.6Gbps plan to be over £60 per month. Hopefully, EE will reveal a release date and full pricing soon.

Speaking about the launch Marc Allera, CEO at EE said “As we create the UK’s most personal customer-focused brand, we continually look to bring truly innovative products and services to market to help our customers manage their increasingly busy households. Whether it be working from home, gaming, or juggling the increasingly digital elements of everyday life – EE home broadband backed-up by EE’s award-winning mobile network will set the standard for broadband for years to come, offering customers the best experience and putting them in control of their home connectivity.”

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Along with that ludicrously quick broadband, EE has also unveiled a new flagship store.

The retail space, which opens its doors on Friday 16th June, includes a Welcome Zone, Digital Spa to help consumers with their well-being and a Gaming Zone to experience the latest titles.

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