Five truly weird Steam games you didn’t know existed including Toilet Tycoon

To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, some games developers are so preoccupied with whether or not they could , that they never stop to ask if they should.

Steam is the world's biggest online gaming e-store. Primarily serving PC gamers, it's the home of some of the most iconic games of all time, from Half-Life and Portal to PUBG: Battlegrounds.

However, it also hosts some truly bizarre creations that can only have originated from the most warped of minds. These games all offer something different—not necessarily better, but different.

Whether you're shopping for the gamer in your life or you just want to freak someone out this Christmas, here's five of the strangest Steam games available to download today.

Toilet Tycoon: Deluxe Edition

First released in Germany in 2000, Toilet Tycoon is possibly the only toilet management simulator to stand the test of time. (It's admittedly a narrow genre.)

In the game of porcelain thrones, you either win or you diarrhea as you try to prove your worth in a small German town as a manager of paid public toilets.

Starting out as a toilet cleaner with 500,000 Euros of "seed capital" funding, you must start by stocking your designated loos with toilet paper and work your way up the toilet ranks.

The goal is to conquer every toilet in town to become the Toilet Tycoon and get rich trying.

You can even hire spies to keep an eye on rival toilets or ruin your rivals' work.

The years have not been kind to Toilet Tycoon Deluxe, with some very negative Steam reviews. "The game is poorly designed, ugly, unwinnable […] just flush your money down an actual toilet, it'll be more entertaining," wrote one gamer. Buy it here

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Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad

Ever wondered what it's like to shower with your dad? Well, now you don't need to, thanks to the breakout Steam hit 'Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015'.

From the twisted minds at developer marbenx comes a "fast pace dad showering simulation". The aim of the game is to locate the correct dad in a public shower. Its three game modes include ENDURODAD (Endurance Run), DADATHLON (Fast Pace Dad Matching), and DAD DIVISIONS (?).

There are three dads to choose from, and at only 79p, it's an absolute bargain guaranteed to generate at least a half-chuckle. Who needs Halo: Infinite?

Shower With Your Dad Simulator has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, with many gamers praising its soundtrack and realism.

"Honestly, this game is insane it makes up for the lack of a father figure that I have. The graphics are insane not to mention the way the game makes you think and stare very hard at your naked father that's intertwined into this game's complex coding", wrote one Steam review.

The game is completely uncensored once you download it, so don't say we didn't warn you. Buy it here

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I am Bread

"You are bread. Your mission, become toast!", says the blurb of this high-octane gluten adventure.

I am Bread may be a game you've actually heard of, thanks to its ports to Xbox and Playstation a few years ago. However, its home is on Steam, where it can be purchased for £9.99.

It's actually a very tricky bread simulation, and requires players to traverse tough hostile environments such as kitchens, petrol stations, and outer space.

You'll need to use your loaf to find your way to the toaster and fulfil your ultimate purpose.

If you don't fancy playing as a plain old white slice, you can also roll around as a bagel or sort of hobble as a baguette.

The game comes from the creators of the popular Surgeon Simulator, and features characters from other ridiculous game such as Goat Simulator and Team Fortress 2. Buy I am Bread on Steam.

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Cat President: A More Purrfect Union

Politicians often make a mockery of democracy. In recent years, people have wondered whether it's even possible for things to get any worse.

The answer is: yes, and this game proves it. Cat President: A More Purrfect Union is a Steam gem in which cats run the US government and you're just a teen girl looking for love (with a cat).

"Twenty years ago, America's political system became so corrupt that it almost destroyed the entire country.", the game's store page explains.

"In order to prevent the nation's collapse, the Supreme Court was forced to ban all humans from politics. Cats were the natural replacement," explains the game's store page.

There are six storylines depending on which cat you decide to be the campaign manager for. The cats include the inexperienced Dr. Nom-Noms or the hard-nosed Thunderpaw.

Part-dating sim, part-visual novel, Cat President has a 350+ page script and has even spawned a sequel. Pick it up for under £10 on Steam

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Hatoful Boyfriend

You may have heard of Japan's greatest pigeon dating simulator, but did you know there's now a Collector's Edition and even a Christmas expansion pack for Hatoful Boyfriend?

Yes, pigeon dating simulator. Did I stutter? Hatoful Boyfriend sees gamers accepted into the prestigious St PigeoNation's Institute, a private school for birds.

As the only human student, you must study hard and find love with pigeons of every feather. Like Cat President, each pigeon offers its own romantic storyline.

The visual novel has some strange twists and turns, including dark conspiracies and murderers, so be careful when it comes to selecting a feathered companion.

The game has generally received positive reviews, except for one or two. One reviewer downvoted the game after playing it for just 90 minutes, giving it a thumbs down and simply saying: "You cannot bang the birds."

Pick Hatoful Boyfriend up on Steam for £6.99

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