Family ‘terrified’ after trip to Disney World ruined by Apple AirTag stalkers

An American family said they were left 'terrified' after discovering they were being followed with an Apple AirTag at Disney World.

The Gastons said they were enjoying a day out at Walt Disney World when they found out that an unidentified Apple AirTag device was tracking them.

While they were on the monorail back to the car park, Jennifer Gaston's Madison received a notification on her iPhone warning them that an AirTag had been tracking them for several hours.

Jennifer said: "We were terrified, we were confused, hurt, and scared.

"[Our daughter] literally watched it follow us from the tram all the way back to our vehicle."

After getting back to their car they searched everything, didn't find it, before locking the car doors, driving away and calling the police.

Jennifer said that after driving away, her daughter kept an eye on the device using her iPhone, and found out that the AirTag was still in their parking space at Disney World.

"As she was refreshing it, it showed the AirTag was still in our parking spot so somehow when we were frantically shaking out clothes and dumping everything out of our bags it fell out," said Gaston.

Apple AirTags are small, keyring-style devices designed to help you find lost property such as keys or bags.

However, they're increasingly being used by stalkers, who plant an AirTag on an unsuspecting victim and use it to track their whereabouts with terrifying precision.

  • Apple's AirTag anti-stalking measures aren't working so well, according to police

Apple Airtags have been a source of privacy concerns for some time, after multiple reports emerged of women being tracked with the devices shortly after they were launched in April last year.

Following criticism that not enough was being done to safeguard people against AirTag tracking, Apple released a number of new safety features including notifying iPhone users when they're in close proximity to a stranger's AirTag for too long.

Although reports of AirTag misuse are rising, this is largely due to the notification system, without which some people may never have found out they were being followed.

That's the case at least for the Florida family, who may have taken the dodgy AirTag all the way home had Madison's iPhone not warned them.

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