Facebook fans in uproar as popular ‘dark mode’ setting removed from app

One of the most popular settings on Facebook, 'dark mode', mysteriously vanished from the iPhone version of the app over the weekend, leaving users baffled.

According to 9to5Mac, the 'dark mode' option on iOS has disappeared without any explanation. The setting let you change the design of the app from white to black in order to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience for users.

The Facebook app on iOS will no longer adjust according to a user's system-wide 'dark mode' settings, and it also can't be activated or toggled on the app itself.

Facebook is yet to acknowledge the issue or provide a timeline for a fix.

Despite the fact iPhone experts at 9to5Mac believe the change is not deliberate on the part of Facebook, users of the app have still taken to social media to complain about it.

"I realize this is a huge first world problem, but not having dark mode on the iOS version of Facebook really sucks when your entire phone is all about dark mode," wrote journalist Meghin Moore on Twitter.

"I hope whoever did this steps exclusively on Lego for a year," wrote another.

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Although the iPhone might not have dark mode for Facebook currently, it does have a number of features that work even when the battery is dead.

The 'Find My' app can still be used for several hours after an iPhone runs out of juice, so if someone steals your device and turns it off, you'll still be able to track it down.

Contactless payments through the iPhone's 'Express Mode' also continues to work without battery, so you can keep on shopping or unlocking the smart lock on your car.

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