Facebook DOWN: Server status latest as site not working for THOUSANDS of users

Facebook is down and not working for thousands of users today that have reported issues with logging into the site.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a surge of Facebook down reports today.

Out of those affected some 73 per cent are experiencing a total Facebook blackout while 23 per cent are experiencing logging in issues.

Facebook users have also taken to rival social networking site Twitter to report issues with the site.

One Facebook user tweeted: “No, it’s not your phone. Facebook is down.”

Another posted: “#Facebook is down”.

One added: “facebook down”.

And another Facebook fan wrote: “Nope #facebookdown”.

At the time of writing Down Detector registered a peak of more than 4,000 reports of Facebook down.

However, it appears that the Facebook outage was quickly over.

After registering thousands reports of Facebook down for a short period of time, Down Detector not long after that was registering just a few dozen reports of issues with the service.

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