Elon Musk will reveal Tesla's 'cybertruck' on November 21

Elon Musk is drumming up as much hype as he can for Tesla’s forthcoming electric pickup truck.

The billionaire boss of Tesla has dubbed it the ‘cybertruck’ and suggested it looks like something straight out of Blade Runner.

Now he’s given us an official reveal date: November 21. Musk will unveil the new pickup at Tesla’s design studio in Los Angeles where we will all get to see its ‘heart-stopping design’.

The ‘cybertruck’ is part of a range of new vehicles the company is working on now that its mass-market Tesla Model 3 is up and running.

Alongside the pickup are plans for the Tesla Semi, which could eventually tackle long-range haulage, and a new version of the sporty Roadster.

In the past, Musk has suggested that the Tesla pickup truck will have a range of anything from 400 to 500 miles on a single charge.

‘Cybertruck doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet,’ he told Twitter last month.

‘It’s closer to an armored personnel carrier from the future.’

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