Elon Musk shows off ‘self-replicating’ Optimus robot building copies of itself

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    Elon Musk has shared the latest progress on Tesla's Optimus robot—and the results look terrifying.

    A tired-sounding Musk shared a video of the Optimus bot 'assembling a pal'. The clip shows the robot gently picking up another robot's arm and carrying it over to assemble another android.

    Musk said: "When we did AI Day [in 2021] this version of Optimus didn't walk at all so the rate of improvement here I think is quite significant. It's obviously not doing parkour, but it is walking around and we have multiple copies I suppose of Optimus."

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    "The thing I think Tesla brings to the table that others don't is that we're the most advanced in real world AI."

    At last night's event, Musk said he hopes the robots will be able to 'autonomously' solve tasks.

    Musk explained: "It's not that helpful to have a humanoid robot if you have to program every action. It needs to be able to walk around autonomously and solve tasks.

    "You should be able to instruct it in simple things, by showing visually the robots needs to do, or just telling it what to do. That's the key advantage that we have."

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    Musk previously showed off the Optimus robot at Tesla's AI day last year. He eventually wants thousands of the robots to work on the production line at Tesla car factories, and in the future, offer them to people as home assistants to help make dinner, care for the elderly, or become a 'buddy' or 'catgirl' sex partner.

    With his time split between Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter though, it's not clear how much energy the billionaire has to make the most of all of his projects. This week he briefly regained the title of world's richest person before losing it after two days once again to Bernard Arnault, the boss of luxury brand Louis Vuitton.


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