Disney+ UK release: Bad news if you were hoping to binge this show on March 24

If you were hoping to kick-start your Disney+ membership on the day of its UK debut, March 24, and kick back on the sofa, popcorn in hand, and binge on The Mandalorian, we have some bad news. It looks like all eight episodes of the hit first series won’t be available immediately.

Instead, it seems Disney will gradually feed UK subscribers with new episodes rather than letting them stream them all at once. In a thread on Twitter, the Disney+ UK page said episodes for The Mandalorian “will start to roll out from March 24th”.

The wording of the tweet heavily suggests UK subscribers won’t be able to access all eight episodes of the Star Wars TV show from the get-go. That said, we’ll have to wait until March 24 to see what Disney’s release plans for The Mandalorian are in the UK.

The Mandalorian is by far the most popular exclusive show to hit Disney+ so far. The show has been popular with Star Wars fans and non-Star Wars fans alike and is responsible for all those Baby Yoda memes you’ve seen floating around the internet recently.


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The first season of the Star Wars show ended back in December, so if you’re a US subscriber you’re able to watch through all of them at your leisure.

It’s not really surprising how popular The Mandalorian has become when you consider just how much money the media conglomerate poured into it. All in all, Disney put down an enormous $100 million on the show’s first season.

Of course, a second series has already been confirmed – this will start airing in October.

In its thread discussing the streaming service, the Disney+ UK account also confirmed there will be “variation in content between countries”, meaning it’s unclear if UK subscribers will receive films and TV shows at the same time as their US counterparts.

It noted: “We plan to premiere lots of content at the same time as our friends in the US. However there will be some variation in content between countries.”

Disney+ will launch in the UK on March 24 and will cost £5.99 per month or £59.99 for the year. The streaming service will also debut in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland on the same day, too.

A seven-day free trial period will be offered to everyone signing up from launch, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to see whether Disney+ is for you or not.

In addition to The Mandalorian, Disney+ has a breadth of other exclusive content that’s worth shouting about. There’s a live-action make of the Lady and the Tramp in the works in addition to a Toy Story TV series centred around a new character called Forky. High School Musical fans can also look forward to the somewhat bizarrely named High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, too.

Then there’s Disney’s huge catalogue of content from its subsidiaries Pixar, Marvel, Fox and National Geographic. And yes, all the classics from your childhood will be available on-demand as well.

Streaming Disney+ couldn’t be simpler. If you can name a device with an internet connection it’s pretty likely to support the service. Better yet, you’ll be able to download content as well – perfect if you want to binge on the commute without racking up a huge data bill.

Disney+ will release in the UK on March 24.

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