Dead Space horror game remake features gruesome new ‘flesh peeling’ technology

The HD remake of classic survival horror game Dead Space is set to see fans' toes curling thanks to some disgusting new 'flesh peeling' technology.

Yesterday the game developers showcased more than 40 minutes of footage exploring the early progress made on the game so far.

Gamers were treated to some striking new visuals from the game's ultra-HD engine, updates on beloved mechanics such as zero-gravity combat, as well as brand new tools for ripping necromorphs a new one in the goriest way possible.

A 'super precise' body destruction system will allow players to hack, slash, and burn aliens in precise and brutal new ways.

In the video, developer Roman Campos-Oriola goes into extremely specific detail on how the new technology works, explaining that holding regular meetings about dismemberment and gore often causes confusion at Motive Studios:

"It opens a whole new layer of shooting and a combat loop where you can have some weapons that are better than others at carving through the enemies, killing the enemy and removing the flesh, and that's something really interesting for us."

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The Dead Space remake was first leaked back in June, with Electronic Arts confirming that Battlefront II devs Motive Studios will be at the helm for a full-scale revamp.

It will take the original 2008 game as a starting point but update it with brand new gameplay mechanics and fancy new graphics.

Originally for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows, the original Dead Space series was a huge success.

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The first game sold more than a million copies worldwide and spawned two sequels, numerous prequels, and even an animated film.

It has consistently ranked as one of the best video games of all time, with critics praising its atmosphere and gameplay.

Motive Studios are still yet to confirm a release date – or even year – for the Dead Space remake.

Whether Dead Space's legions of dedicated fans will be happy with it remains to be seen.

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