Dark website offers to fill someone’s house with poo-filled garden gnomes

A bloke who scans the dark web for bizarre websites stumbled across a sick website that offers to cover someone's house with garden gnomes filled with animal faeces.

Thunder Keck, who creates an 'Into the Dark Web' series for TikTok, was left speechless after finding a service to get someone 'gnomed' – a term he didn't know existed.

The site, called 'Get Gnomed' offers to fill the inside and outside of someone's home with garden ornaments – which are sometimes filled with poo to attract pests – for $500 (£420).

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In the video, which has gained more than 1.3million likes, the bloke explained: "This is simultaneously the creepiest and the funniest site I have found on the dark web.

"The site is called 'Get Gnomed' and they claim to be the best gnoming service on the dark web – apparently, they have competitors.

"I did not know what gnoming was before today but apparently it's when you cover someone's house with garden gnomes and they offer something called 'cursed gnomes' which are filmed with animal waste to attract lots of pests.

"What's really creepy is that they will do the inside of people's houses as well, regardless, they say, of the security risks.

"Also, they offer something called 'gnome haunting' which is apparently when the people remove a gnome, it will then be replaced with two."

The TikTok user was so baffled by how it works that he offered to test out the service for himself if he got enough views as he added in the caption: "If this gets sent to enough people ill pay to gnome myself."

Viewers were left stunned after seeing the site as they too had no idea that gnoming was a thing and took to the comments making jokes about it.

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One user quipped: "I’m gonna wake up to go to the bathroom and someone’s gnoming my hallways."

Another joked: "What are the reviews like? It's really hard to find reliable gnoming services in this economy."

A third commented: "This is the best possible advertisement for the dark web."

A fourth wrote: "Bro I’m laughing but also scared at the same time."


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