Classic Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games ‘coming to Nintendo Switch soon’

Fans of classic Game Boy games could be in for a treat this Autumn, as Nintendo is set to potentially add emulators for the two handheld consoles to its Switch Online service.

According to Nintendo data miner and podcaster 'Nate the Hate', the Japanese gaming giant will begin rolling out Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in September to celebrate three years of the service.

Switch players could expect the return of classic games such as Mario Golf and Warioland, as well as the beloved Pokémon series. The rumours are said to have been confirmed with company insiders by the industry website Nintendo Life.

Currently, Switch Online gives subscribers access to emulated games from two of Nintendo's classic consoles, the NES and the SNES. Players can revisit Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Kirby, Zelda, and many more.

However, a data leak from Nintendo back in 2019 showed that the Switch is prepped to run up to four emulators, with the Game Boy now seemingly set to be the third.

Rumours are still circulating that the elusive fourth emulator will give fans access to the landmark 3D console, the Nintendo 64. In the same podcast, 'Nate the Hate' speculates that Nintendo is withholding classic N64 games from its online store in preparation for a fourth emulator launch. Nintendo has not yet made any public announcements confirming the rumours.

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While the likes of Xbox and Playstation have already released their next-generation consoles, the Switch doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. First launched in 2017, it remains Nintendo's flagship console.

Just last week, the Switch saw tons of new titles revealed at Gamescom 2021, including popular RPG Dark Deity and the latest Metroid game. Meanwhile, in July, Nintendo announced a new, high-powered Switch model with a brand new screen, which is due to go on sale in October.

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