China heading for global dominance over USA with AI, says ex-Pentagon chief

Global dominance of China is all but guaranteed thanks to its advances in artificial intelligence—and the USA doesn't stand a chance, according to the Pentagon's former top techie.

The US government has 'kindergarten level' cyber defences compared to China and the race to master technologies like AI is already a 'done deal', said former Pentagon chief software officer Nicolas Chaillan, who quit his job in protest at the lack of progress on new technologies.

"We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years," he told the FT, and said that the AI race was "already over".

Chaillan predicts that China will soon dominate the world in terms of its technology and AI capabilities, and blames slow innovation and a lack of government support in the US.

His resignation came after a US security panel said China is the most 'significant challenge' to its dominance.

Its report said: "Americans have not yet grappled with just how profoundly the artificial intelligence revolution will impact our economy, national security, and welfare."

The panel also warned that China is stealing US tech and science secrets in order to meet its goals of becoming the world's superpower by 2050.

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Artificial intelligence is not one technology, but a collection of different technologies that already underpin much of our world today.

Everything from Netflix recommendations to autonomous flying cars are powered by AI, which requires large amounts of data and super-smart algorithms to complete tasks 'intelligently'.

Last month, the UK government published its own ten year plan to become an 'AI superpower' and rival the USA and China.

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