China employs 5G cellular technology to remotely detect coronavirus cases

Far from the rumour that 5G technology is causing coronavirus, the Chinese are actually using it to help the outbreak.

Given the vast distances across China, health officials are utilising the cutting-edge tech to give them a way to quickly communicate with and diagnose people.

Doctors at West China Hospital of Sichuan University have been using 5G technology to diagnose COVID-19 patients remotely.

They can control CT scanners in remote hospitals, from a far distance and have converted a conference room into a real-time diagnosis and treatment centre.

Telecom equipment provider ZTE provided the hardware and the installation has enabled the West China Hospital to expand its assistance to 27 other hospitals across the country.

Thanks to heavy government subsidies and lots of locally produced hardware from the likes of ZTE and Huawei, China’s adoption of 5G has far outpaced most other countries. And the benefit of the faster communication technology is clearly paying off now.

Bizarrely, many anti-5G conspiracy theorists are blaming the technology for the spread of the virus.

Though fact-checking services like Full Fact debunked the conspiracy theories weeks ago, they continue to circulate on social media.

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