Box At Home With This Great Deal on Everlast’s Powercore Dual Bag and Stand

Learning to box isn’t just a good workout because of its scalable difficulty—although that’s certainly a pro. Boxing is also great because when you’re boxing (correctly, at least), you really can’t do anything—or think about anything—other than boxing. No social isolation, no cabin fever, no fear of economic collapse. In a fight, a spiraling thought that takes you mentally outside of the ring is also right about the time you’d get punched in the face.

And sure, a heavy bag at home might not hit you back, but the sentiment remains: Boxing is the ideal workout for getting out stress without that headspace getting clogged up with thoughts. Everlast is making that zoned-in-headspace more accessible with a huge deal on its Powercore stand: $209.99 down from $299.99.

This stand serves two functions: The dual bag and stand has both a heavy bag and a speed bag, providing you and your workout with a well-rounded kick in the ass. The 80-pound heavy bag is the best for building strength. The resistance against straights, hooks, and upper cuts will keep those core-stabilizing muscles looking shredded.

Everlast Powercore Dual Bag and Stand



As for the speed bag, there’s nothing quite like it for optimizing shoulder strength and challenging your hand-eye coordination. The platform is adjustable, so you can tailor it for whatever height is most comfortable for you. Once you get the rhythm of hitting a speed bag down, it functions as a meditative practice. Breathe, hit, bounce, repeat.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to box but didn’t know where—or how—to start, use this time crafting an at-home gym to do so. A ton of gyms have free tutorials and classes online if you’re new to the scene: Gloveworx has an arm circle tutorial and Everybody Fights gives a rundown on hitting a heavy bag. Plus, both are live streaming workouts on YouTube and Instagram while the gyms outside are closed. Hey, there’s no time to learn how to fight like in the middle of a pandemic.

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