‘Bouncy’ British £4million pavement charges your smartphone with footsteps

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    Forgetting your phone charger could be a thing of the past, if Telford local council has anything to say about it.

    The Shropshire-based local authorities have installed a smart pavement which uses pedestrian footsteps to generate energy and power a number of mobile phone charging points along the way.

    Pedestrians can sit on two newly-installed benches next to the pavement and plug their phones in next to a solar-powered screen which shows the amount of energy being generated by footsteps.

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    A spokesperson for the council said children love 'walking, running, and jumping' on the new pavement to see how much power they've created.

    The Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member for climate change said: "This pavement is a fun way to keep the climate conversation going and nudge people to consider how they can help make our borough become more sustainable.

    "We'd like people to take away the idea: 'If my footsteps can generate electricity, just think what else I can do!'."

    The project is part of a £4m initiative by the council to invest in measures addressing climate change.

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    However, some people have complained about the initiative. One Twitter user Simon Duffy said: "Nice idea for a science museum to demonstrate a principle. Not how I want a council to waste money."

    The pavement was created by eco-tech company Pavegen, which has installed more than 200 of the smart sidewalks in 36 countries.

    It uses the kinetic energy of each footstep to power appliances. While Telford Council have picked phones, it can also provide energy for LED screens, interactive games, and more.


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