Bloke who received oral sex during livestream slapped with broadcast ban

A popular streamer has been hit with a broadcast ban for receiving oral sex live on camera.

Heelmike, who boasts 7.4m followers on Twitch, was hit with a one-day ban from rival platform Kick after he filmed his reaction while a woman seemingly performed the sex act on him.

"Come on, daddy," the girl could be heard saying.

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The ban came into force yesterday, meaning Heelmike could make a return by the weekend – and the internet star said following the move that it was all worth it.

Taking to Twitter, the he wrote: "One day ban on Kick after averaging 15k views and honestly I got lost in the sauce and was over the top.

"I’ll be back with the energy, but not being disrespectful."

In a separate tweet, the star seemed eager to get back to streaming, writing: Sooooo who is ready for [tonight]?!? Kick stream gonna be lit," adding "I'll be live around 10/1030pm EST."

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Kick, a "gaming streaming platform" that rivals the ever-popular Twitch, has made headlines recently for allowing much racier content to be shown.

Viewers so far have seen streamers have sex and watch X-rated videos all while live-streaming

A similar incident reportedly saw a streamer called Suspendas have sex completely nude while live-streaming from the platform and allegedly pay for sex twice while broadcasting

"A Kick streamer known as Suspendas has been accused yet again of having sex with a supposed hooker while live," another streamer alleged on Twitter. “As he revealed himself fully nude on stream today."

However, so far these raunchy infractions haven't been severe enough to get the perpetrators banned.

Although Heelmike wasn't so fortunate, he did add that grateful to the "GOAT" streaming platform for "reaching out to creators and telling them what they did wrong".

The streamer, who rose to fame live-streaming himself playing Fortnite, didn't share his message from Kick, but Twitch has earned itself a reputation for leaving content creators guessing as to why they might have been barred from using the platform.

Kick’s community guidelines bans live streams, videos and comments that "contain nudity, are pornographic, or depict sexual activity, actual or simulated" or "facilitate, encourage, offer, or solicit sexual conduct."

"Our goal is to keep the Kick experience fun and safe and for all," the platform's guidelines read. "These guidelines help establish what behavior is acceptable and not acceptable on our platform."

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