Bloke who ordered £1000 iPhone got chocolate bar covered in loo roll instead

Getting something you didn't order in the post is one thing. Spending over a grand on two Cadbury's bars wrapped in toilet roll is another.

That's what happened to Daniel Carroll, whose last Christmas was ruined after he received two tasty chocolate bars and some smelly loo roll instead of a £1000 iPhone.

The British man had bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max off the web and was waiting for it to arrive. After two weeks of delays, he decided to collect it from the nearest DHL delivery depot.

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He claimed that when he finally received the box, it was clear it had been 'tampered with'.

Daniel, who lives in Leeds, said there was no phone in the box. Instead, he opened it to find two bars of Cadbury's White Oreo chocolate and some 'stinking' toilet paper.

Daniel said: "I ordered the phone on December 2 through the Apple website, but due to stock the earliest day for delivery was December 17.

"Last Friday on the day it was due to be delivered I had several conflicting updates from DHL.

"At first it said 'out for delivery', then scanned as 'delayed', then back to 'out for delivery between 13:45 and 14:45". I stayed in all day and nothing arrived."

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After a 24-mile round trip he said he finally picked up the package to find it 'tampered with' and the new phone replaced with the chocolate bars.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple's current top-of-the range smartphone. It's not clear whether Daniel was ever compensated for the loss of his order.

Next month, Apple is set to release the iPhone 14 as well as a range of other gadgets. Rumour has it that we might see new iPads and even the launch of the AirPods Pro 2.


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