Black Friday TV deal sees almost half off amazing 55-inch Samsung QLED Smart TV

Black Friday is just four days away, and the sales are seriously hotting up.

The online retailer Very is well-known for its amazing TV deals during the annual sales, but its latest Black Friday offer has made jaws drop.

Very is selling a brand new 55-inch Samsung Smart TV. It has all the top-of-the-range features you could ask for, from 4K HDR resolution to smart TV applications.

Right now, Very's Black Friday Samsung TV deal is just £789 down from £1199.

However, if you claim 10% cashback using the checkout code RTW39, you can save an additional £79, bringing the price down to a cool £710 if you pay over twelve months using Buy Now Pay Later. View the deal here

The Samsung TV comes with some fancy AI-powered features to enhance on-screen motion, which makes it perfect for gaming.

The smart TV apps means you can access all of your favourite streaming services too, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or ITV Hub.

If you decide to take out a Buy Now Pay Later deal, remember that you can avoid expensive interest rates by paying off the balance before the delayed payment period ends.

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Which is better – QLED or OLED TVs?

Many of the best Black Friday TV deals you'll see this year will be on QLED or OLED TVs, but the difference between them isn't super clear.

Traditional LED TVs use thousands of LED lights to backlight the LCD panel which ultimately produces picture on a TV. The picture quality can be great, but certain details such as contrast and the accuracy of black shades can fall flat.

QLED TVs use a similar technology to LED TVs but wrap the LED lights using high-tech quantum dots to improve colour and brightness. However, these still rely on a backlight like traditional LED panels.

OLED TVs, on the other hand, don't use a backlight. Instead, each pixel is self-lit, which means more accurate contrast, colours, and viewing angles.

However, they won't be quite as bright as a QLED TV, and are often much more expensive.

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