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Best VPNs for Google Chrome: At a glance



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  • How does a Chrome VPN work?
  • What is a VPN?
  • Best VPN for Google Chrome
  • 1. NordVPN
  • 2. ExpressVPN
  • 3. Surfshark VPN
  • Does Chrome have a VPN built-in?
  • What is a WebRTC leak? Should you be worried?
  • What is VPN split-tunnelling?
  • Can I download a free Chrome VPN?
  • Looking for the best VPN for your Chrome browser? These useful apps can enable a slew of useful features – from protecting your personal data from prying eyes, blocking advertisers from tracking your browsing habits, swerving geo-restrictions to unlock new streaming services, finding cheaper flights, the list of benefits goes on and on…

    Installing a VPN in Google Chrome can be a brilliant solution for those who want to access the best features of a VPN without installing a standalone app or switching between their web browser and another app.

    Chrome VPNs allow you to quickly configure your server connection, switch server locations, access unblocked Netflix, check security features like Dark Web monitoring …all without leaving your favourite web browser.

    Using an extension to Google Chrome (the most popular web browser on the planet) saves you the hassle of installing a dedicated desktop app on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. Bafflingly, despite recently launching its own VPN service as part of its Google One subscription, the Californian company still requires Chrome users to install a separate Mac or Windows app.

    However, finding the best Google Chrome VPN can be tough. There are a dizzying number of Virtual Private Network (VPNs) services out there, and most of them offer a browser extension for Google Chrome. However, not all of these services offer the same features, connection speed, value for money, and array of apps for your devices.

    Shall we make it really easy for you? If you want the best VPN for Google Chrome, subscribe to NordVPN. For a limited time, you can save 66% off your monthly subscription – a huge discount!

    This stellar service has a browser extension available to download in the Chrome Web Store for free.

    Using just the Chrome VPN extension, you’ll be able to unlock the most useful functionality included with your NordVPN subscription – quickly changing an IP address to bypass geo-restrictions, shielding your web history from prying eyes, and encrypting data.

    1/ NordVPN – Get 66% off

    View Deal

    NordVPN is our top pick when it comes to Chrome VPNs. Using just the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to protect yourself online and unlock streaming catalogues from around the world!

    2/ ExpressVPN – Get 3 months FREE + save 49%

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    ExpressVPN is a little pricier, however, it has servers in more countries than any other provider on this list. Unlike NordVPN, you’ll need a standalone Mac, Windows or Linux app as well as the Chrome VPN app to get everything up and running in your browser!

    3/ Surfshark VPN – Get 2 months FREE + save 82%

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    Surfshark VPN has a stellar Chrome browser extension that provides some of the best value bundles available of any VPN. Surfshark is also the only VPN service that offers an unlimited number of devices connected at the same time!

    Of course, NordVPN doesn’t just offer a Chrome extension – subscribers will be able download and use software for iPhone, iPad, Linux, Windows, Fire TV, Android, macOS, and many more with the same login. Only six devices can be used simultaneously, which might be a little restrictive for those with dozens and dozens of gadgets.

    Elsewhere, NordVPN subscribers can pay a little extra for a fully-fledged password manager, designed to rival the likes of LastPass and 1Password. Coupled with the automatic Dark Web monitoring, included as standard with all subscription plans which checks forums on the Dark Web to see whether your password and account details have been shared by hackers, this Virtual Private Network offers a pretty comprehensive suite of security features.

    If you want more information on the features available with this subscription, check out our five-star NordVPN review.

    Sadly, there’s no free subscription tier available with NordVPN (for that, you’ll need to check out our guide to the best free VPN) but it’s still very competitively priced. For a limited time, you can get 66% off your monthly subscription when you sign-up for two-years.

    We’ve got more details about the NordVPN experience on Google Chrome below, as well as answers to commonly-asked questions about Virtual Private Networks on the Chrome web browser. If you want to know how a VPN works, how to install a VPN with Chrome, why you might have concerns about WebRTC leaks, and more …we’ve got everything you need to know and more. You can jump to any relevant section using the links above, or scroll down for the full guide to the best Chrome VPN…

    How does a Chrome VPN work?

    Extensions are lightweight apps that can be installed within Google Chrome to modify its functionality. These small apps can add new features or modify existing functionality within the browser. Browser extensions are not standalone apps, so you won’t be able to launch them independently of the web browser.

    When you install a Chrome VPN app, you’ll add the ability to access many of the best features of these services without launching a standalone app. If you plan to access most of the VPN functionality from within your Google Chrome browser, it might be best to save the storage on your device and add the extension to your web browser.

    What is a VPN?

    A Virtual Private Network, more commonly known as a VPN, is an app that creates an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic. This protective shield stops outside eyes from keeping tabs on what you’re doing online.

    While encryption is used as standard on banking websites and some messaging services, like WhatsApp and iMessage, advertisers and broadband companies can still monitor the list of sites that you visit (not to mention the amount of time spent on each) while hackers can extract the personal data you’ve entered into online forms. Yikes.

    The military-grade encryption applied by a VPN will hide your web history from your internet provider, keeps your payment details locked away from bad actors, and prevents advertisers from tracking your activity online to tailor their promos. It’s the reason that your office likely requires you to enable a VPN before working from home.

    As well as next-level encryption, VPNs can also alter your IP address, which makes it appear as if you’re based in almost any location around the world. For those who don’t know, each time your device connects to the internet, it is assigned an IP address that includes the location where you connected to the web.

    This location data is how websites for cinema chains are able to determine your nearest branch, food delivery services can pinpoint your location, and Google Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions from your current location. Using a Chrome VPN to tweak your IP address to another country, websites and apps can be tricked into assuming that you’re abroad.

    The encryption is incredibly important …but there’s a fun side to VPNs too, thanks to the ability to swerve geo-blocks and stream shows and sports from around the world

    Granted, this isn’t particularly useful when it comes to directions in Google Maps, however, there are a number of services that might be blocked in your current location that could suddenly become available.

    For example, Netflix has a different catalogue of boxsets and movies in each country due to complex global licensing agreements and will only show you a selection of shows, documentaries and films that it’s able to broadcast in the location of your IP address. A Chrome VPN allows you to access unblocked websites.

    Select sporting fixtures and streaming services, like Max (née HBO Max), ITVX, and BBC iPlayer, are only available in select countries. If you’re travelling abroad or want to access streaming services that aren’t available in your current location, Chrome VPNs can unlock a wealth of shows, boxsets, and sports fixtures to watch …handy for those on holiday and still want to know how to watch Love Island, for example.

    Best VPN for Google Chrome

    If you want an extension from the Chrome Web Store that unlocks some of the best functionality available with a Virtual Private Network, look no further than NordVPN.

    Signing up for a subscription with NordVPN will allow access to the Chrome VPN app, as well as apps for your iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and even your Wi-Fi router (allowing all devices on your wireless network to benefit from the security advantages of connecting via a VPN).

    1. NordVPN


    An Easy-To-Use VPN With Gorgeous Mobile Apps

    Things To Know

    Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
    Customer support: 24/7 live chat
    Server locations: 80+
    Maximum number of connections: 6
    Password manager: Yes
    Read our NordVPN review

    What We Love

    • Affordable Subscription
    • Brilliant Apps For All Platforms
    • Fast VPN Connection
    • Monitors For Password Leaks
    • Split Tunnelling Included
    • Never Stores Data On Customers

    What We Don’t

    • Fewer Server Locations Than Rivals

    NordVPN is a stellar VPN service, with a great Chrome extension. Installing this lightweight app from the Chrome Web Store will bring the best functionality to your web browser – keeping everything that you do online encrypted and safe from data collection and bad actors. NordVPN has designed its Chrome extension will simplicity in mind. Click on the icon in your browser window then hit the Quick Connect button, you’ll enable the military-grade encryption on everything you do within Google Chrome.

    NordVPN offers its subscribers access to some 5,000 servers available globally, which means you’ll have plenty of choices. Some streaming services, like Netflix, have started to crack down on VPN servers – leaving some users unable to stream the complete catalogue of boxsets, blockbusters and documentaries without geo restrictions. Thanks to the vast number of available servers, NordVPN users shouldn’t come across any problems trying to unblock Netflix from their Google Chrome app.

    The 5,000 serves are spread across 60 countries worldwide, which should provide plenty of choice for NordVPN subscribers.

    In our tests, the Chrome VPN app had little impact on our download speeds. Connected to a server in the same country, we only lost 10Mbps when encrypting all of our data – compared to browsing online without a VPN connection. That’s a pretty minimal hit and left us with plenty of bandwidth to stream video in 4K Ultra HD.

    Unlike ExpressVPN – a widely popular Virtual Private Network – NordVPN regularly offers huge discounts, dropping the monthly cost so that it’s much more affordable.

    But despite that lower price tag, you’ll still gain access to the same advanced features, including Split Tunnelling, Dark Web monitoring to determine whether any of your personal information has been leaked by bad actors, a dedicated IP address that’s only available for you. NordVPN subscribers can also access beautifully-designed apps for Google Chrome as well as iPhone, Android, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, more.

    When it comes to payment, there are a number of choices.

    NordVPN accepts all major credit card providers, including Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discovery. It also lets you pay with PayPal and Amazon Pay, which should provide a quick checkout if you’ve already saved your details. For extra security, you can pay for NordVPN with the most popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    And if you’re signing up for NordVPN on your smartphone, you can use Google Pay and Apple Pay for a one-tap checkout process. The latter isn’t available with ExpressVPN, so iPhone owners who want to use the payment details stored with Apple (and keep the card number secret during the payment process).

    Get 3 months FREE + 59% off

    £10.89 £3.39 View Deal

    NordVPN is offering a superb deal with 3 months for FREE offer available with your purchase, plus it will discount the remaining months of your subscription by 59% off for even more savings!

    24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

    2. ExpressVPN


    Brilliant VPN That’s Unmatched For Video Streaming

    Things To Know

    Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
    Customer support: 24/7 live chat
    Server locations: 160+
    Maximum number of connections: 5
    Password manager: Yes
    Read our ExpressVPN review

    What We Love

    • Fastest VPN Connections Around
    • Brilliant Apps For All Platforms
    • Dedicated Team To Unblock Netflix
    • Split Tunnelling Included
    • Never Stores Data On Customers

    What We Don’t

    • Expensive Compared To Rivals
    • 5 Device Limit Can Be Restrictive

    ExpressVPN is an incredibly popular choice, with thousands of downloads from the Chrome Web Store. However, there is a caveat.

    Unlike NordVPN, which lets you access all of the functionality of the Virtual Private Network from the Chrome extension alone, ExpressVPN users who download the Chrome VPN app will need to install the standalone app for their Windows, Mac or Linux PC too. That takes away one of the main advantages of relying on a Chrome VPN app – namely that you don’t need to install a separate app, taking up value space on your hard-drive.

    That said, if you’re willing to overlook this issue, ExpressVPN and its Chrome extension provide a brilliant service.

    Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN had minimal impact on our download speeds during testing. While we achieved a download speed of 120Mbps without any protection from a VPN, when we were connected to NordVPN’s servers connected, our broadband speed dropped to 110Mbps. With the ExpressVPN servers connected, our broadband speeds dropped to 105Mbps. That’s a little slower, but still not enough of an impact that it would prevent you from streaming in 4K Ultra HD quality, make video calls, upload photos and more.

    Speed aside, if you’re looking to install a Chrome VPN app to watch boxsets and blockbusters in your web browser, ExpressVPN could be the best option. That’s because this provider works tirelessly to ensure that its service performs well with the biggest streaming services on the planet, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more.

    For example, ExpressVPN has a team dedicated to ensuring that it has a steady stream of new servers coming online to escape Netflix’s recent crackdown on VPNs. So while some providers might encounter problems when trying to access catalogues available in other countries, ExpressVPN never runs into an issue. It’s the reason that we named ExpressVPN as the best VPN for streaming.

    Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN provides a number of advanced features, including split tunnelling and a secure password generator. The latter will create a unique, randomly-generated password for new accounts so that you’ll never re-use the same email address-password combination, which makes you much more vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals.

    Unfortunately, there’s no Dark Web monitoring – which NordVPN customers get included as part of their subscription fee – that checks the Dark Web for leaked usernames and passwords to alert you when a breach has exposed your login credentials.

    As one of the market leaders, ExpressVPN charges a little more than the competition. If you’re looking for a truly competitive deal, it might be worth looking elsewhere for the best Chrome VPN app.

    That said, ExpressVPN is one of the only providers that supports Klarna – so you can break up the payment into smaller instalments. This means you’ll still be able to take advantage of the biggest savings available (ExpressVPN saves the most impressive discounts for its one-year subscription plans) while still paying in smaller instalments, like the monthly subscription plan.

    ExpressVPN accepts a number of payment methods, including the biggest credit and debit card providers, like Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Paypal and Bitcoin are also options. Unfortunately, unlike NordVPN, there’s no Google Pay or Apple Pay for a one-tap checkout.

    If you want more information on the service, read our ExpressVPN review.

    Get 3 months FREE + 49% off

    £10.71 £5.52 View Deal

    ExpressVPN is offering 3 months for FREE with your purchase. Even better, the remaining months of your subscription will be discounted by a whopping 49% off!

    24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

    3. Surfshark VPN

    Surfshark VPN

    Unmatched Value

    Things To Know

    Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
    Customer support: 24/7 live chat
    Server locations: 100+
    Maximum number of connections: Unlimited
    Password manager: No

    What We Love

    • Very Affordable Subscription
    • Brilliant Apps For All Platforms
    • Unlimited Connections
    • Never Stores Data On Customers

    What We Don’t

    • Slower Connection Than Rivals
    • Reconnection Needed At Times

    Surfshark VPN is one of the most competitively priced services on the market – with legendary deals and discounts that regularly drop the price down to lows that other VPN providers simply cannot match. If you’re looking to cut your monthly bills, but still want all of the benefits of a solid Virtual Private Network with a good extension for Google Chrome, this should be your first choice.

    Like our top choice NordVPN, Surfshark allows you to access all of the best features from this service using the Chrome extension alone. Yes, unlike ExpressVPN, there’s no need to download and install a standalone app for your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer to be able to enjoy the functionality from the Chrome add-on. Instead, just install the Chrome VPN app from the Web Store, login with your subscription details – and you’re away!

    Where Surfshark has a clear advantage compared to its closest rivals is the unlimited number of sign-ins available to subscribers. While NordVPN and ExpressVPN both place strict limits on the number of devices that you’re able to use with a single login …Surfshark lets its users sign-in to an unlimited number of gadgets.

    With apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire TV and more, you’ll be able to get value for money by leveraging VPN features on all of your devices. And of course, there is the Chrome VPN extension too, bringing features to your web browser.

    Surfshark includes a dedicated kill switch, split tunnelling, and the ability to kill adverts and banners on websites. The latter is something that isn’t included with its closest rivals.

    Surfshark VPN is backed by the same 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, so there’s no risk when signing up for the first time and seeing how Surfshark performs for you. If you’re not happy with the way the Virtual Private Network works within the Google Chrome web browser, you can always contact the helpful customer service team and request a refund for your subscription.

    If you’re ready to sign-up, Surfshark offers a number of payment options, including all major credit cards, from VISA to Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. It also allows customers to pay for their subscription to Surfshark with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    iPhone owners will be able to subscribe to the service with a single tap using Apple Pay during the checkout process – just like our top pick, NordVPN.

    If you’ve got your credit card details stored with your Apple ID, this is easily the fastest payment method, but it’s also likely the most secure as Apple generates a unique payment code, rather than sharing your card number during the payment process.

    Get 2 months FREE + save 82%

    £10.35 £1.84 View Deal

    If you want an incredible deal, look no further than Surfshark. It offers the same encryption and privacy as other VPNs, but does so at a much lower monthly cost. Surfshark lets subscribers sign-in to an unlimited number of devices too!

    24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

    Does Chrome have a VPN built-in?

    Google Chrome does not have a VPN built-in, so anyone who wants the extra security and functionality provided by a Virtual Private Network will need to install one separately. Like most web browsers, Chrome does offer a private browsing option. In the case of Google Chrome – the most popular browser on the planet – that mode is called Incognito Mode and does provide some security compared to the standard configuration.

    Surfing the web in Incognito Mode means Google will not store your browsing history, cookies, site data or recall any information entered into an online form. While that means household members who share the same PC won’t be able to check what you’ve been up to, it isn’t a patch on the security provided by a VPN. Unlike Incognito Mode, a VPN will prevent your internet provider (BT, EE, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Virgin Media, the list goes on…) from being able to keep tabs on your browsing history. It will also lock away payment data – preventing bad actors from stealing your information.

    Luckily, Google Chrome has phenomenal support for VPN extensions – so you can add the functionality from any of the best VPNs on the market with an add-on from the Chrome Web Store.

    What is a WebRTC leak? Should you be worried?

    WebRTC is an open-source tool, that first gained traction back in 2011, that allows your web browser to manage peer-to-peer connections. The technology is often used by video call and data transfer services online, so chances are, you’ve come across it when working from home or keeping in touch with friends and family.

    For WebRTC to work, the tool will expose your IP address to establish a connection. When there is a so-called WebRTC leak, the tool will bypass the encrypted tunnel established by your VPN – which makes it impossible for third parties to discover your IP address, your current location, and your web history – and can expose your real IP address online. Clearly, that makes it pointless even using a Virtual Private Network.

    If you’re concerned about WebRTC leaks, you can find out whether your real IP address is exposed by disconnecting from your VPN, heading to a free tool like to check your IP, before reconnecting to a new server with your VPN, and checking to see whether the IP listed on has changed.

    Some VPN providers, like ExpressVPN, offer a built-in WebRTC checker with its apps.

    What is VPN split-tunnelling?

    Split-Tunnelling solves one of the potential headaches of a VPN, especially for those who want to use these services to manually tweak their IP address and unblock Netflix’s full catalogue of shows from around the world, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer and other services that are locked to specific locations or have geo restrictions. While the ability to change your location to hundreds of servers around the globe is incredibly useful when it comes to streaming …it’s not all that useful when it comes to services that require an accurate location.

    Turn-by-turn directions in navigational services, like Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps, as well as food delivery apps, like Just Eat, Dominos, and Deliveroo, and taxi hire services, including Uber, Bolt, and Free Now all need an accurate location to be able to find you. While it might be useful to trick your Chrome web browser into believing that you’re in the United States for Netflix …it’s less than ideal if you’re placing a pizza order. Split Tunnelling solves this issue by allowing you to keep use a different server – including one in the same area as your current location – for some services while using another – one on the other side of the globe to unlock new streaming opportunities, for example – for others.

    Can I download a free Chrome VPN?

    There are a growing number of free VPNs on the market. If you want all of the benefits of a Virtual Private Network without paying, you should read our guide to the best free VPNs. However, be warned that all of these free VPN services have restrictions applied to the free version of the service – a common tactic to push users to the paid plan. These include data limitations that could prevent you from being able to stream video with the Chrome VPN extension, a limited number of server connections, or fewer countries to connect with.

    As such, if you’re looking for the best experience with a VPN for Google Chrome, we’d recommend opting for a subscription to a paid service, like NordVPN. Thankfully, it boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer service that should ensure that you’ll get a full refund on your subscription if you’re unsatisfied with the app, server configurations, or features.

    It’s possible to get a free trial with some of the providers recommended in this article, including ExpressVPN. This is another way to get the complete experience with a Virtual Private Network to determine whether it’s right for you. 

    1/ NordVPN – Get 66% off

    View Deal

    NordVPN is our top pick when it comes to Chrome VPNs. Using just the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to protect yourself online and unlock streaming catalogues from around the world!

    2/ ExpressVPN – Get 3 months FREE + save 49%

    View Deal

    ExpressVPN is a little pricier, however, it has servers in more countries than any other provider on this list. Unlike NordVPN, you’ll need a standalone Mac, Windows or Linux app as well as the Chrome VPN app to get everything up and running in your browser!

    3/ Surfshark VPN – Get 2 months FREE + save 82%

    View Deal

    Surfshark VPN has a stellar Chrome browser extension that provides some of the best value bundles available of any VPN. Surfshark is also the only VPN service that offers an unlimited number of devices connected at the same time!


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