BBC iPlayer breaks down on some TVs – is your device on the list

If you own a smart TV from popular manufacturers including Samsung you may have noticed some problems with BBC iPlayer. The popular live streaming and catch-up service is facing a major bug that is causing the app to crash whenever viewers use specific devices from Samsung to watch their popular TV programmes. Earlier this week, the BBC informed its users that the glitch was affecting certain Samsung TVs with the corporation saying, “We’re aware of an issue with the iPlayer app on certain Samsung TVs where the app crashes when attempting to watch a programme.

“Samsung are currently investigating this and hope to release a fix in a future update. Once we know more, we will update this page.”

The affected Samsung TV models are:


To find your TV’s model number, simply open the Settings menu > select Support > select About This TV. Your Model Code, Serial Number and Software Version of your TV will then be displayed on-screen

Meanwhile, Sony TVs are facing a different issue, where the pictures on iPlayer programmes get zoomed in or cropped, although fortunately, Sony has suggested a solution for this.

Sony noted that some users may notice that the image displayed on the BBC iPlayer seems a bit zoomed in, not to fit the entire screen, cropped, or the aspect ratio is wrong.

The Sony TVs that are currently affected by this issue include:

X92 series
XH90 series
XH92 series
A8 series
A8 series
A85 series
A9 series
XH80 series
XH81 series
XH85 series
XH91 series
XH95 series
ZH series

They suggested that the users of these devices take the following steps to adjust TV display area settings

Launch your TV app to watch broadcast content. (If you don’t, the display area setting will not be available)
Go to your TV settings.
Select Display & Sound.
Open the Screen setting.
Choose Display Area and select +1 (The default value is “normal”).

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