Artificial intelligence has met its match in popular ‘human-only’ Wordle

Fancy artificial intelligence has finally met its match in Wordle.

The ChatGPT-4 app struggles to solve the popular word puzzle game, which is played by millions.

This is because of the way text is inputted into the AI chatbot, according to computer science professor Michael Madden, of University of Galway.

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It means it struggles to guess the structure of letters in words, as is necessary to play the game.

Using the latest ChatGPT technology, he discovered it had difficulty playing the popular guessing game.

He said: "I discovered that its performance on these puzzles was surprisingly poor. You might expect word games to be a piece of cake."

The game, which has boomed in popularity over the last two years, gives players six goes at guessing a five-letter word.

Each time, it indicates which – if any – letters are in the correct positions.

Professor Madden, of the University of Galway in Ireland, found that five out of the AI tech’s six responses failed to match the pattern.

He said: "Overall, it was very hit and miss."

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The device is "trained" on text and exposed to information so "they can improve at what they do".

Hearing ChatGPT struggles with a word-based puzzle game may placate the worries of Terminator director James Cameron, who Daily Star previously reported was worried about artificial intelligence.

Canadian filmmaker Cameron, 68, had previously explained his concerns over the infectious artificial intelligence network, saying: "I'm not afraid but I'm pretty concerned about the potential of misuse of AI.

"You talk to all the AI scientists and every time I put my hand up at one of their seminars they start laughing. The point is that no technology has ever not been weaponised.

"And do we really want to be fighting something smarter than us that isn't us? On our own world? I don't think so."

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