Apple’s VR metaverse headset may ‘scan your eyeballs’ for information

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  • Everyone knows that looking at screens for too long can give you square eyes—but what about eyeball scanning?

    Tech giant Apple is rumoured to be working on a virtual reality (or mixed reality) headset next year which will ask users to scan their eyeballs to log in, pay for things, and use apps.

    This iris-scanning tech will also allow users to easily switch between user profiles, enabling different people to share the same headset with ease.

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    In other words, the rumoured tech would work just like the iPhone's existing FaceID and TouchID unlock tools.

    Apple has not officially confirmed whether it is working on a VR or mixed-reality (XR) headset, which has been tipped for a reveal next year.

    However, according to The Information, two Apple insiders who claim they helped develop the headset say that it will feature the iris-scanning tech.

    There's no word yet on how this feature would affect user interactions with content on the headset beyond unlocking it, although an eye-tracking feature could be very useful for generating analytics data on user engagement or even controlling the headset itself.

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    Based on past patents, Apple has been toying with virtual reality tech for almost two decades, and is widely expected to announce a headset that works with both AR and VR.

    Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who has provided reliable information on iPhone launches in the past, claims that the headset is due for a 2023 release date.

    It will likely have an App Store specifically for the headset, enabling people to game, watch videos, or FaceTime people in VR.

    Apple reportedly demonstrated the tech to its board members in May this year.


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