Apple iPhone SE 5G, iPad Air, and fresh Macs launched with powerful new features

Apple fans had plenty of reasons to get excited tonight, after CEO Tim Cook announced a huge number of new products in a blockbuster Spring event.

From a high-powered budget iPhone to upgraded iPads and Macs, there's lots to look forward to.

But as with many Apple launches, the new products are incremental improvements on what has come before, rather than a revolution in tech.

Underpinning many of the changes are Apple's powerful new A15 Bionic processors as well as 5G capabilities, which enable its devices to run faster and for longer than ever before.

Here's a rundown of the big announcements from tonight's Apple event.

iPhone SE 5G: key features, price, and where to buy

If you've been pining for a new iPhone 13 but can't afford the steep price tag, you're in luck.

The new iPhone SE 5G has many of the same features but for a bargain price.

It includes the same A15 Bionic chip which provides the iPhone 13 with extra-long batteries, great graphics, and fast nifty apps.

Perhaps the biggest news is that the iPhone SE will be gaining 5G capabilities, meaning this superfast connectivity will be available to a mass audience on iPhone for the first time.

Price: Due to the high cost of 5G gear, the new iPhone SE is a little bit pricier than the previous model, clocking in £429. It's still a far sight cheaper than a standard iPhone which can run upwards of £1000

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Battery: Thanks to the A15 chip, the iPhone SE has an upgraded battery which Apple claims means you can expect it to last up to 24 hours—perfect for a night out

Weight and size: The new SE keeps the form factor of the popular iPhone 8 meaning it has a colourful glass back. However, it is a little bit heavier than the last SE due to its new camera model and battery

Camera: The 5G SE benefits from some of the high-tech camera technology that the higher-end iPhones have received in recent years. It has a 12 megapixel camera and uses the A15's AI-powered photo optimisation features for some amazing photos and video quality.

Storage: The biggest upgrade to the SE is undoubtedly its storage options, clocking in at a whopping 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

Screen: 4.7 inch retina display, toughest glass on a smartphone

Colours: The new iPhone SE is available in 'midnight', 'starlight' and 'Product (RED)'

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New iPad Air now available

Like the new iPhone SE, the iPad Air is also set to receive a massive update with the inclusion of the A15 Bionic chip as well as 5G capability.

The new model comes in a range of colours, including 'space' grey, 'starlight' black, pink, purple and a stunning new blue.

It starts at £599 and comes in 64GB and 256GB storage models.

You can begin ordering Friday and it will be available March 18 via the Apple store.

The event also included an update on some new additions to AppleTV+, an upgraded new Mac lineup with the M1 Ultra chip, and even Mac Studio, a powerful new Mac for professionals.

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