Apple Airpods’ ‘terrifying’ new security tools scans your skull with AI

Apple AirPods are some of the most popular and high-tech earphones around, offering a sleek design, active noise cancellation, and some powerful integration features with the iPhone and iPad.

But they could be about to get much creepier.

Apple has reportedly filed a new patent for tech that would use AI to identify users based on the structure of their inner ear.

Fans of the brand are speculating that it could be used to stop anyone who isn't you from using the AirPods, or even to unlock your iPhone while the AirPods are in.

All you have to do is hand over a detailed map of the inside of your head to Apple.

The patent also hints that the technology could be used with Apple Health to measure the gait of a user's walk to help you stay fit and healthy.

This might include information such as the way you walk, how many steps you take, your balance, etc.

PatentlyApple said: "Conventional systems are generally lacking with respect to user identification using headphones.

"In particular, traditional systems are not well equipped to determine whether a user wearing a respective set of headphones is an authorized user of a corresponding device, such as a mobile phone."

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It is still only in the patent application stage, which means it could be some years before you can get your hands on the creepy new feature.

In other Apple news, the tech company is facing a major legal battle with Norfolk County Council over what it called 'misleading' iPhone claims by the company which it says made it lose around $1 million from its pension scheme.

A California court has now decided that Norfolk council's case is big enough that it can be considered a 'class action' lawsuit.

It could see Apple CEO Tim Cook land in court and made to answer to the people of Norfolk as well as other Apple investors in front of a California judge.

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