Amazon launches first 4-star store where Brits can buy clothes, toys and books

Not content with undercutting the high street online, Amazon has opened its first non-grocery shop in the UK in a bid to lure more people into signing up to Prime.

After launching a checkout-free Amazon Fresh supermarket in London earlier this year—where customers can pick up their groceries and simply walk out—the global retail giant has now turned its sights to the high street.

Amazon's new '4-star shop' at the mammoth Bluewater shopping centre near Dartford will sell around 2,000 of its most popular products, all rated 4-stars or above on the Amazon web store.

It's the first shop of its kind outside of the USA, which has around 30 locations. Its stock is based on the most popular items among Amazon customers online, and even includes a 'Most Wished For' section where you can browse the most popular products from customers' wish lists.

The new shop has received mixed feedback from shoppers on Twitter. "A new Amazon store coming to [Bluewater], what is the actual point? Every time I visit there are more boarded up shops and now this is going [on]," wrote user NatashaP.

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Others questioned whether you would need an Amazon account to enter the shop, referring to the checkout-less technology in place at Amazon Fresh stores.

"Amazon has a shop in Ealing. You cannot go into the shop in Ealing unless you have an Amazon account is this the case in [Bluewater]?" asked one Twitter user.

There is one Twitter account that's excited, though, and that's the Bluewater shopping centre.

"We're SO excited for Amazon 4-star to be opening here at Bluewater today, the first store of its kind in the UK!" the official Twitter account of the Kent mega-mall posted.

When Amazon 4-star first came to the US, it was met with mixed reviews. It was criticised for crowded shelves, with one customer saying that paying with the Amazon app was a 'clunky' experience early on. Hopefully, things have smoothed themselves out since then.

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