Amazing iPhone feature stops unwanted spam emails by covering your tracks online

If you're tired of getting dozens of pointless promotional or spam emails to your inbox every day, you're in luck.

A new iPhone tool lets you generate random email addresses every time you sign up to a website so you don't have to give out your actual email.

This means you can still benefit from signing up to newsletters or websites but shield your personal account from spammers and scammers.

'Hide My Email' will still send email to your actual inbox, but reduces the number of places that have your contact details.

It was introduced with iOS15 back in September and the random email addresses it creates has caused a stir online.

One iOS user, Matt Galligan, said: "I love using Apple's Hide My Email feature, but the best part is seeing the completely bonkers addresses it generates. Today's gem: godless_toilers***"

Another person, AJ Chan, said: "Apple's Hide My Email feature is one of my favorite things Apple has created in a very long time. If you aren't using it, use it."

Meanwhile, others have said they "never" get unnecessary emails since activating the feature, which is available to iCloud Plus subscribers for as little as £1 per month.

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The feature is part of a number of privacy tools for iCloud users, which also include the ability to 'Sign in with Apple' on websites.

To set up Hide My Email, follow these steps:

  1. Open 'Settings' on your iOS device, then head to iCloud
  2. Tap 'Hide My Email' and 'Create New Address'. Once you're satisfied with the address, you can label it and save it.
  3. Your new email address is ready to shield you from spam websites

Best of all, you can edit or delete any of the new email addresses through the settings by deactivating them.

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