AI poo sensor app could save thousands of lives – just upload your stool snaps

Scientists have created a new artificial intelligence-powered app which could just save your life—by analysing your poo with a high degree of accuracy.

Dieta Mobile asks users to upload photos of their business using their phones in order to have it categorised in line with the Bristol Stool Chart, a famous stool tool that helps doctors diagnose gut health and other health issues.

According to the Bristol Stool Chart, healthy poo looks "like a sausage with cracks on its surface", or "like a smooth, soft sausage or snake."

This is exactly the kind of poo Dieta Mobile is hoping to promote. The app's creators have just completed their first clinical trial of the app with promising results, suggesting that AI is better at categorising stools than humans.

Dr Mark Pimentel, the principal researcher behind the study, told Motherboard: "Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are extremely common. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects up to 1 billion people worldwide.

"Sometimes patients don't even know they have problems until they realise what's normal and what's normal."

App users are encouraged to take photos before wiping for best results. A version of the app is even being promoted to doctors, with a GPS feature fitted to help them track patients' bowel movements.

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Pimentel said: "If a person has to get off the freeway and, you know, go to a convenience store or go to the bathroom because they're in desperate need of a bathroom, the app will track that."

Artificial intelligence is growing increasingly sophisticated. A recent project by Google DeepMind saw the tech giant develop the 'Gato' system, one of the first ever multitasking AIs capable of playing videogames, stacking blocks, chatting to people, pushing buttons, and many other exciting tasks.

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