‘AI Jesus’ banned from streaming after gaining many followers, but could return

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    An online chatbot styled as 'AI Jesus' has been suspended from the streaming platform Twitch after gaining thousands of followers.

    The Ask_Jesus channel lets anyone log in and get their questions answered by AI Jesus, a ChatGPT-powered version of the Biblical Messiah.

    AI Jesus is able to answer live prompts from humans and explain biblical teachings through a modern day lens. He even looks like the typical Western European idea of Jesus, i.e. a bearded white man with a halo, and replies in video form.

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    However, just like Jesus in the Bible, it seems that AI Jesus has grown too popular for the powers that be—and received a temporary suspension from Twitch for breaking the platform's rules.

    It's not clear whether AI Jesus is permanently banned from Twitch or not, but fans of the chatbot have been able to share their experiences of interacting with it.

    One video shows AI Jesus explaining the Sermon on the Mount as if it was a Taco Bell menu, while others have managed to get relationship and gaming advice from the electronic messiah.

    They've also praised the 'realism' of AI Jesus, who will happily talk about moral and ethical problems as well as the Bible.

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    "Holy s**t. The video quality is lacking and his speaking of the handle names is hilarious, but the responses are broadly and oddly consistent with what you would think would be a Jesus like response imho," wrote Twitter user Joseph Peters.

    Ask_Jesus' Twitch page says: "Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, you can join on the journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love."

    Ask_Jesus is the brainchild of The Singularity Group, a volunteer-based tech group which spends hundreds of pounds a day on the chatbot. It's unclear when or whether AI Jesus will return.

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