£4000 Star Wars cocktail is galaxy’s priciest drink – fans say Sprite is better

A four-grand Star Wars-themed cocktail is being billed as one of the most expensive 'in the galaxy', but it doesn't even come with a straw.

The £4100 ($5000) Kaiburr Crystal is only available to buy from the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge aboard Disney's pricey Wish cruise, which itself costs thousands of pounds a week.

The cocktail is served in a gigantic 'Camtono case', a futuristic gizmo box that shoots out smoke and plays sci-fi sound effects as you crack it open.

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Bartenders at the lounge, which can only be visited with a reservation, say that the extortionately priced bev is made with shots of $6,000 cognac, ultra-expensive bournbon whiskey, port, Japanese yuzu, and kumquat.

If you fork out for the drink, you'll get sparkling wine from George Lucas' 'Skywalker Vineyard' estate, as well as flowers and other treats sent to your room. You'll also get to keep the glasses the drink is served in, but not the container it arrives in.

Star Wars fans aren't exactly impressed by the drink, and have taken to Twitter to rip into the 'rip-off' bev.

One user wrote: "It's literally a shot. $5000 for a shot delivered in a funky box."

Another said: "For 5000 bucks I better have Mark Hamill be my friend for a week."

"That drink better cure cancer," said another.

You might not have the cash to splash on the Kaiburr Crystal, but luckily the Hyperspace Lounge features some more affordable cocktails, including the £13 ($16) 'Spire Sunset' which features Saigon Bagur, kumquat, lychee and coconut, or 'The Pickled Mynock' which has mezcal, blood orange cointreau, and Baileys salted caramel.

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The Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is just one of several extortionately-priced real life 'Star Wars' experiences on offer from Disney.

In March, Disney World opened the Galactic Starcruiser, a two-day immersive Star Wars hotel that costs upwards of £3,500 per ticket.

It simulates a luxury space cruise and throws guests into the thick of a Star Wars storyline, even putting them through lightsaber training.

One guest at the hotel told IGN: "Everything about it was insanely cool. It's like playing a Star Wars video game in real life. You truly feel like you've stepped onto an actual starship and are a part of a Star Wars movie."


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