WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Bliss In Charge, Rollins Open Challenge, Balor Versus Corbin

Corbin abused his authority, Bliss took charge, Elias got beat down, Rollins issued an open challenge, and much more.

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw was packed with action including the huge beatdown of Elias, a Seth Rollins Intercontinental Championship open challenge, a tag team title match, and lots more.

The show took place at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 8 p.m. ET. It aired on the USA Network in the United States.

Lashley Defeats Elias

The show opened with a promo from Baron Corbin bragging about what he did to Braun Strowman. He was flanked by Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Lio Rush. Corbin announced that Strowman would forfeit the match at TLC if he doesn’t show up, so Corbin has decided that his new title is “General-Manager Elect,” since he’s sure to win.

They cut to Strowman at the medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama where he cut a brief promo about how Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre are going to “get these hands” once he comes back.

Eventually, the arena went dark, and Elias came out and sang a song about how much Bobby Lashley sucks. The crowd went along with the chant, and Elias definitely felt quite over as a face.

Eventually, a match got underway, and as Elias was about to win, Corbin used his power as the GM Elect to make the match no disqualification. From there, Elias took a beat down from the trio and lost to Lashley. The crowd got somewhat behind Elias with “Lashley sucks” and “Corbin sucks” chants.

Alexa Bliss In Charge

After the match, Baron Corbin met with Alexa Bliss and he asked her to take over running the entire women’s division of Raw. Of course, she agreed.

Later in the show, Bliss found Sasha Banks and Bayley where she tried to make peace with the pair. She gave the two the opportunity to go to the ring and take questions from the WWE Universe.

Dean Ambrose Thinks Milwaukee Is Filled With Vermin

Dean Ambrose cut a promo from his doctor’s office because he doesn’t want to be in Milwaukee with all the “vermin.” He claims the only reason Rollins is having an open challenge is that he knows Ambrose isn’t there tonight.

Ambrose was vaccinated before he heads to Houston next week. His promo got decent heat from the crowd, but it was mostly what would be considered “cheap heat” since it was just based around insulting the local market.

Lucha House Party Defeats The Revival Again

The match took place under “Lucha House Party Rules.” Basically, that means all three members of the Lucha House Party faction can compete against two members of The Revival. It’s confusing because Lucha House Party is supposed the be composed of the good guys, but they’re competing with an advantage.

The match was a lot of fun, with Lucha House Party performing all kinds of high-flying moves and ultimately winning with a series of finishers. The crowd didn’t seem to get behind them much, which is probably because of the confusing heel/face dynamic.

Nia Jax Speaks

“The Facebreaker” kicked off the second hour of Raw with a promo segment. As you’d expect, the crowd absolutely despised her at first.

She talked about what she’s most thankful for, which was “breaking Becky Lynch’s face.” She was greeted with “you can’t wrestle” chants for her efforts.

From there, she transitioned to Ronda Rousey with a video package showcasing the beating Jax put on Rousey in their first meeting. Of course, Jax actually lost that match via disqualification when Alexa Bliss attacked Rousey.

The segment started off with solid heat from the crowd, but eventually, they grew apathetic.

Mercifully, Rousey’s music hit and she made her way to the ring. The crowd reacted quite favorably to Rousey. They even chanted “Ronda Rousey” when she started her promo. Rousey’s promo started off awkwardly, but she got into the flow and ultimately promised to rip Nia’s arm off and slap Charlotte Flair across the face with it. She also called Tamina a “monolithic mute,” which was a great line.

Ronda challenged Jax to a match right here, right now, but Jax refused, instead threatening to attack her two-on-one with Tamina. Natalia attempted to make the save, but she was attacked by the Riott Squad. Rousey broke that up and the two walked to the back together.

AOP Defeats Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

Before the match, Drake Maverick cut a promo attempting to justify urinating himself out of fear. Ultimately, he got to the fact that AOP would destroy Gable and Roode. Akam and Rezar ended the promo with, “laugh now, cry later.”

The match kicked off after the commercial break, and started with Maverick taking Roode’s “$10,000 robe.”

During the match, they cut to the back to Maverick where he proceeded to place the robe in the toilet and urinate on it. As you might expect, this distracted Roode and allowed AOP to pick up the win.

Ember Moon Defeats Alicia Fox

The match started with Fox in control thanks to Ember being distracted by her new Mixed Match Challenge partner Curt Hawkins.

During the match, they cut to Alexa Bliss watching the match, since she’s in charge of the women’s division now. After a short match, Moon found herself back in control, and she hit the Eclipse for the win.

After the match, Curt Hawkins celebrated violently before No Way Jose came out and danced around the ring, leading to the next match.

Jinder Mahal Beats No Way Jose

This match was much longer than it needed to be considering who was in it. In the end, No Way Jose succumbed to the Khallas and lost the match.

Seth Rollins Open Challenge – Seth Defeats Dolph Ziggler

The segment started with Seth Rollins on the mic, where he was greeted by a great response. Seth doesn’t believe that Dean Ambrose isn’t actually there, but that won’t stop him from doing the open challenge.

Dolph Ziggler answered the challenge. The two worked a fantastic match that went through multiple commercial breaks and lasted for more than 20 minutes. There was plenty of near falls, counters, and everything you’d expect from a match between two of the best workers in WWE. The match built over time before the near falls started. and it was just a well-planned match that was a joy to watch.

Dolph hit a Zig-zag near the end that really got the crowd, but Seth kicked out. In the end, Seth retained with a move that he almost never actually finishes with — a superplex into a falcon arrow.

Not only was the finish shocking, but the fact that the match ended clean was even more surprising. Neither Dean Ambrose nor Drew McIntyre got involved. There wasn’t even an attack on Seth after. Instead, the WWE actually ended the match with a babyface winning and celebrating.

Alexa Bliss Presents Bayley And Sasha Banks Q&A

The segment started off with Alexa Bliss coming out to introduce Bayley and Sasha Banks.

They took a question from the crowd, and Bliss antagonized the two with questions of her own. Bayley made some bad jokes, and then before they completely lost the crowd, Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, and Mickey James attacked the babyfaces from behind.

In spite of the 3-on-2 situation, Bayley and Sasha took out the attackers and ended the segment standing tall.

Baron Corbin And Drew McIntyre Defeat Finn Balor

Balor started off with a quick attack before Corbin took over with his chin locks and other slow, plodding offense. After a couple minutes, Finn found himself in control right before the match went to commercial.

When we returned from break, Corbin was back in control, and things slowed down again.

Towards the end of the match, Corbin turned things into a 2-on-1 handicap match, adding Drew McIntyre to the match. Finn Balor attacked McIntyre right away, but ultimately, he lost the match to a Claymore Kick. From there, Lashley came out and the three of them beat down Balor for a while. The show went off the air with the three heels posing and celebrating their win.

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