WWE legend Rey Mysterio shares rare unmasked photo and poses with wife on her birthday leaving fans stunned

WWE fans were left stunned when the legendary Rey Mysterio unmasked himself to share a sweet photo of him and his wife.

The Master of the 619 is arguably the greatest luchador ever to step foot into the ring.


@619reyna Feliz Cumpleaños Amor💜 mío! Te Amo con todo mi corazón mi amor y le doy Gracias a Dios por bendecirte con una año más de vida y salud a mi lado, quiero que sepas que me has convertido en el hombre más feliz y entero de este mundo en todos los sentidos de la palabra pero principalmente por tú entrega total de amor incondicional que me has demostrado, has sido grande y excepcional en todas tu fases como esposa, madre, amiga y me siento orgulloso de decir que eres mi mujer!!! Nunca cambies tu manera de ser porque me encanta tanto que me hagas sonreír por lo espontánea que eres siempre! Pásatela increíble hoy en tu día Amor 💜 y disfruta lo más hermoso que Dios nos puede regalar…….. el estar aquí presentes con vida y salud a lado de los que te amamos profundamente, tu esposo y tú familia!Te Amo Amor Mio💜💜 #🎂🎉🎁 #Happy-B-Day

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Only very few have seen the 45-year-old without his iconic mask, with the WWE Universe having to go way back to the days of WCW to catch a glimpse of the face behind it.

Despite attempts from both Andrade and Seth Rollins in recent times to reveal his true identity, the former world champ’s looks remain a mystery to many.

However, the future hall of famer has allowed his Instagram followers a peak of what he looks like by posting a real rarity back in July.

The recently drafted SmackDown ace Mysterio shared a photo showing his full face as he posed with partner Angie Gutierrez online.

He posted the snap to mark her birthday, with a lengthy caption wishing her all the best.

Writing in Spanish, he wrote: “I love you with all my heart my love and I thank God for blessing you with one more year of life and health at my side.

“Never change your way of being because I love it so much that you make me smile because of how spontaneous you always are!”

Mysterio lives with Angie in a 4,301 square-foot mansion worth £1million in Chula Vista, San Diego, which boasts five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Although his son Dominik does not follow his father’s footsteps by wearing a mask, he is continuing his legacy inside the ring.

He now regularly appears alongside his famous dad, with Mysterio keen to see him create his own legacy.

He told Metro: “Any time that he feels like he needs to compare his work to mine – that’s one of the first words of advice that I gave him.

“He needs to create his own legacy, he doesn’t need to try and imitate mine. He understands that.”

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