WWE chief Vince McMahon 'having doubts over Aleister Black and something missing from skillset' in blow to title chances

WWE boss Vince McMahon reportedly has big doubts over whether Aleister Black can carry a show.

The Dutchman has received a big push over recent months on Monday Night Raw and has just embarked in a rivalry with Seth Rollins.

However, Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue claims McMahon believes the superstar still has “something’s missing” from his skillset.

He said: “Things have really changed in the last couple of weeks for Aleister Black.

“Now Paul Heyman definitely loved him and Aleister Black was really the headline of the show for him.

“Every week, he would be having a half an hour match in the opening minutes.

“To my knowledge, it is Vince McMahon who has mixed opinions shall we say.

“Vince added that creek to the entrance when he leverages up and now he has removed the entrance all together.

“We haven’t seen the Aleister Black entrance in a long time.”

He added: “To put it bluntly, Vince thinks there’s something missing about Aleister Black.

“It’s similar to how he feels about Cesaro.”

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Black was NXT champion but has yet to win gold since moving up to Raw in early 2019.

Paul Heyman was appointed as lead writer to run the creative storylines on Raw and was a big fan of Black.

But he was recently removed from that position with McMahon taking charge.

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