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Ben Hatchet famously served time in Broadmoor Hospital alongside notorious murderers and serial killers.

But who is the bareknuckle brawler and what is his boxing record?

Who is Ben Hatchett?

Ben Hatchett, 34, is a professional bareknuckle boxer and social media personality.

He also goes by the fighting nickname One Bomb.

On the subject of bareknuckle boxing, Hatchett told the Daily Star: “It’s a professional sport… you have you get your blood tests and so on.

“You need to have some sort of fight experience to get into it.



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“I wouldn’t recommend anyone without any experience getting into bareknuckle”.

He served time alongside monsters Ian Brady and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe at Broadmoor Hospital.

Ben was convicted for knife crimes as a teenager and was sent to Broadmoor after an attempted prison escape aged 21.

After a few years, he was moved to another high-security facility at Ashworth Hospital, near Liverpool, but was released in 2020 and has turned his life around, now working as a boxer and running a successful YouTube podcast.

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In September Daniella Westbrook, 49, shared a video of herself lying between the sheets with ex con Ben – just weeks after confirming she was back with her fiancé David.

In the video, a giggling Danniella says: “Guess what, do you want to know a secret?”

She then pans over to Ben who laughs: “The cats out the bag.”

Danniella adds: “It’s official.”

She later shared another video and claimed it was an old video taken 'years ago' and she thought she was just sending to him as she insisted they are just friends.

Hatchett also previously dated Jessie Wallace’s half-sister Danielle Mason after inviting her on his podcast and having their first date in Broadmoor.

Speaking with the Daily Star about turning his life around following regaining his freedom, Ben said: “I came out with a dream in my head.

"I was going to do a book I was going to do something positive in the world – I came out with the belief that I can change and be a better person and he can too, if he was just given the opportunity.

“I was done for hostage taking,” he admits, “was on top of prison roofs, I was done for violence, I was kicked out of Broadmoor.

“They deemed me high risk. I did nine months segregation for a plot to take lan Brady hostage but I came out and look what I’ve done now; I own a security company now, I am a professional fighter, I’ve gone and worked with kids.

“These 4 letters gave me hope when I was inside – P.T.A.W., prove them all wrong.”

What is Ben Hatchett's boxing record?

At present Ben's professional bareknuckle boxing record stands at 1 win, 1 loss and 0 draws.

His only win to date came by way of TKO, so his current knock-out ratio is 50%.

In total he's boxed 3 rounds, meaning his professional fights last 1.5 rounds on average.

Aside from professional fights, it appears that Hatchett has been in a lot of bareknuckle contests, but information about these is often kept out of the public eye.

Is Ben Hatchett fighting Ed Matthews?

According to a video released on YouTube, Ben Hatchett and Ed Matthews will be going head-to-head.

There is yet to be any concrete information about the bout released.

The video just says the fight will be under the Backyard MMA banner and that it is "coming soon".

Is Ben Hatchett on social media?

Yes, Ben is on social media.

He hosts a YouTube podcast called Let's Be Real.

He is also on TikTok and Instagram.

How long did Ben Hatchett spend in prison?

Ben was in prison between 2010 and 2020.

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He served 10 years inside.

He was also on licence for a further three years, but he's now clear of all criminal convictions and is an entirely free man.

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