Watch Tyson Fury’s Instagram workout descend into chaos as wife Paris storms out calling husband an ‘a***hole’ – The Sun

PARIS FURY stormed out of boxer husband Tyson's lockdown workout after calling him "an a***hole".

The WBC heavyweight champion of the world's Monday session was one to forget from the moment he 'went live', with the camera the wrong way round, on Instagram at 9am.

Wife Paris was late to arrive, with Tyson not impressed at her apparent lack of enthusiasm after "watching TV all night".

When she did arrive into the living room, it's fair to say she did not look too happy.

Tyson demanded her do 10 sit-ups as punishment for her tardiness, which she at first refused.

She then said that "the instructor is an a***hole" before reluctantly dropping to the floor.

For the next 20 or so minutes the pair barely spoke to each other, which was noticed by many in the comments.

People were wondering why Paris "looked so sad" with most obvious to the fact that "she was not right happy".

Her husband wasn't in the best of moods either – fuming that his poor WiFi connection saw the workout cut out numerous times.

He described it as "s***e" despite "putting boosters down" to improve the signal – and of course it's not the first time he has encountered this problem.

But around 26 minutes in the boxer was left all alone as Paris walked out of the living room.


Tyson shouted whether she was "joining in or what", but was in the end left all on his lonesome.

Although she did re-appear for the last five minutes or so, it was clear that tension was in the air in the Fury household.

As he ended the 45-minute workout that was blitzed by issues from the off, Tyson, holding the camera the correct way round, said: "Terrible, terrible terrible connection, it's been absolute dog****, at least we got it done."

And perhaps aiming a sly dig at his other half, he added: "See you tomorrow, 9am live, sharp, don't be late."

Just minutes after transmission ended, the video disappeared from the 31-year-old's Instagram account.

The pair then uploaded a short clip explaining what happened.

Tyson said: "Hey everybody, just a quick one, this morning, we didn't delete the workout video.

"The WiFi was that terrible and rubbish that it didn't store to the story as it usually does."

Paris added: "I did storm out, I was p****d off as I was made to do press-ups, but we didn't argue.

"This is what happens when you are in a marriage and you are locked in for three weeks together."

Tyson added: "I hate being late, I'd rather be ten minutes earlier than one second late."

Paris continued: "This is the gym intructor that nobody likes, nobody likes the gym instructor because you're one minute late and they're a***holes."

Before the weekend Paris was full of beans as she kept up with Tyson as the pair completed a 700-rep ab workout.

She had even THANKED her husband for trying to keep her fit during lockdown, after claiming to have "put on a stone" indoors.

The Gypsy King has been staying in shape and entertaining his fans all at once amid the coronavirus pandemic, as he streams daily isolation training sessions on Instagram Live.

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