Watch hilariously blunt Crawley boss give grumpy short answers in post-match interview after defeat to Millwall

CRAWLEY TOWN manager John Yems gave a hilariously blunt post-match interview after losing to Milwall.

The League Two side were beaten 3-1 in the EFL Cup.

And Crawley spoke to their boss afterwards, but were given rather short and grumpy responses.

Questioned on what the thinking was behind switching his squad set-up, Yems responds: "Hopefully to win the game."

The manager was then asked what he could take away from the defeat.

He said: "I don't know."

The brief exchange was mocked by fans online.

One said: "What is the point of interviewing Yems if he has nothing to say?

"He is either fuming or totally disinterested."

Another said:"Great interview."

One added: "This guy must be so frustrating to be around."

Another added: "Please put Yems on a media course. He could at least try to be engaging."

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