Tyson Fury rips off shirt and beats chest during explosive press conference with Deontay Wilder

The pair stood toe-to-toe screaming obscenities for a few minutes before Wilder appeared to nudge rival promoter Frank Warren out of the face-off.

The American seemed to lose his rag when Fury stroked his arm and a member of Wilder’s team seemed to spark the melee by lurching forward.

Tyson’s brother Shane burst onto the stage, throwing off the set of crutches he was using to walk moments earlier.

But the pair were pulled apart before a meaningful blow was landed.

Fury seemed to be playing up to the crowd but Wilder seemed to be genuinely furious after the 30-year-old Traveller questioned his credibility.

Fury roared: “I did not start that, it was his team, they are nervous, he is trying to psyche himself up to fight.

"Wilder needs me, do not mistake that, he has been the WBC champion since 2015 and made seven defences but is still unknown in this country so they have brought in a big-mouth Brit and the best fighter on the planet.

“It is a good stunt, get a good hiding from Tyson Fury, get famous and then come back and fight someone else.

“He could not make it as a basketball player or an american footballer so he tried boxing.

“I was born to fight, I was bred. He came to boxing as a third option, I came to it from the womb.”

Wilder roared back: “Every word he has said he has now got to back up.

“People have been saying we are friends and we are too nice but that goes out of the window when we fight, it’s war.

“He says he was born to do it but I never saw it at the Olympic or with a medal, where was he?”

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