Shocking Grand National footage shows horses crashing into racegoer

Shocking footage from the Grand National shows moment woman is CRUSHED by two stampeding horses after they unseated their riders and veered off the course at Aintree

  • WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: horses unseated jockeys to run loose
  • Services confirmed that the racegoer was treated for ‘lower leg injuries’ 
  • Leaders of activist groups ‘invited to visit the stables of winner Corach Rambler’ 

A woman had her leg crushed against a concrete bollard at Aintree after two riderless horses crashed into her during this year’s Grand National

The terrifying moment came after Recite A Prayer and Galvin unseated their riders at the first fence, running the course as loose horses for some distance before veering off the track. 

In footage caught on camera, the pair were unable to slow themselves as they hurtled off course and skidded off the turf, colliding with the racegoer at speed. 

Spectators watching the accident had shouted warnings at those in the path of the two loose horses, but after they tripped on the concrete, there was little time for the woman to move to safety. 

The moment was filmed by spectator, Mugdim Mujakovic, who revealed he had stopped filming to give the woman medical attention before the police took over. 

Recite A Prayer and Galvin unseated their jockeys but continued to run the race at speed

A racegoer was left injured after the two horses collided with her as they veered off the track

An ambulance was called, and was with the injured spectator just over 10 minutes after the incident. 

Mujakovic spoke to the Sun and said that the events had left him feeling ‘shaken himself’. 

‘In the distance, I saw two jockeys fall. I saw the two horses coming towards me. They smashed into the woman,’ he said.

‘It was quite shocking, and I was quite shaken myself and stopped filming and went to help.

‘The policeman came over and gave her first aid. She was in pain. She couldn’t stand on her foot.

‘I heard them radio for an ambulance. I left the scene ten minutes later and heard the sirens coming. It was unreal.

‘I’d be surprised if her leg wasn’t broken. Hopefully it’s not.’ 

After flying across the turf, both horses skidded on the hard concrete off the course

The racegoer was tended to at the scene by the police whilst they waited for an ambulance

Recite A Prayer’s injuries were confirmed in a statement from the Jockey Club which also shared news of the death of Hill Sixteen. 

‘Sadly, while racing in the Grand National, Hill Sixteen sustained an unrecoverable injury. Our sincere sympathies are with connections,’ it read. 

‘Recite A Prayer and Cape Gentleman were assessed on course by our skilled veterinary staff and walked on to the horse ambulance for further assessment in the stables.’

His trainer, Willie Mullin, said that the horse had fractured his eye socket and that he had ‘a few cuts and bruises, but nothing more.’ 

Gordon Elliot-trained Galvin has been receiving medial attention, a spokesperson for the trainer shared, having already had an X-ray. 

North West Ambulance Services also confirmed the treatment of the racegoer, saying in a statement: ‘We can confirm the female patient was hit and crushed against a concrete bollard by a stray horse. She was taken to hospital for lower leg injuries’. 

Saturday’s race – which was won by Lucinda Russell-trained Corach Rambler – suffered a near-unprecedented 14-minute delay after protestors from animal rights activism group Animal Rising attempting to storm Aintree. 

The race had previously been delayed for over 14 minutes due to animal rights protests

Over 26 arrests were made at the site with over 100 more made away from the racecourse

Two protestors tried to glue themselves to one of the storied fences, and police involvement saw 26 arrests made at the course, and nearly 100 more away from the site.

Sandy Thomson, who trained the fallen Hill Sixteen, blamed the protestors and the race’s delay on his horse’s death, saying that the wait had got him ‘so bloody hyper’ he had become distressed. 

Thompson said: ‘They [the activists] haven’t a bloody clue what they’re doing. He just hasn’t taken off at the first fence; he’s got so bloody hyper because of the carry-on.

‘Unfortunately, it’s a statistic we’re all trying to avoid. He’s jumped round here twice and never had a bother. I know how ignorant these people are. They just cause more problems than they ever solve.’

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