Scott Williams has Polly James apologising after swearing in live interview

Scott Williams has a growing reputation as something of a darts maverick and that became even more apparent when he accidentally swore on live TV on Sunday evening.

After winning the match of the tournament so far against Ryan Joyce, the 32-year-old might have let the occasion get to his head a little bit. But after such a performance on his Alexandra Palace debut at the PDC World Darts Championship, it is easy to see why.

Joyce, who had an average of 103.04, might have win against another opponent but Shaggy was unstoppable, putting in an average of 100.32, 10 180s and winning a remarkable set with a 164 checkout to set up a next-round clash against former world champion Rob Cross.

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"I felt awesome today and that came out on the stage, I know what I'm capable of," said Williams, live on Sky Sports. "The first set I felt absolutely fantastic, then all of a sudden I started missing but then thankfully it came back.

"I've been practicing with Rob [Cross] recently and he's been playing like he did when he won the Worlds. But I've beaten him before, I beat him when we on the Pro Tour so he knows I can win.

"He is going to up to this with the same professionalism as I am. We are f***ing really good mate… Oh, sorry."

At this point Sky Sports reporter Polly James interjected, saying: "We apologise for the language, it is live."

Williams replied: "I can't afford another DRA [Darts Regulation Authority] fine!"

It is the not the first time that the Boston-born star has found himself in hot water, aiming a jovial double middle-finger salute to Luke Humphries after their match at the Grand Slam.

It was meant to be a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin with a Stone Cold Stunner being lined up but the DRA did not see it that way.

"No comment," he joked when asked about the situation. "I apologise, I'm very sorry for what happened. For a split second you forget where you are, you see loads of people and don't even see the cameras.

"I didn't even realise I did it until I looked at my phone. Luke was fine about it, I'll have a DRA letter and I'll take it on the chin. It probably won't be the last one because I'm a naughty boy."


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