Ronaldo may be hit with Champions League ban for X-rated gesture mocking Simeone in what would be huge blow to Juventus

Ronaldo dragged Juventus through to the last eight with a stunning hat-trick to secure a comeback victory over Atletico Madrid this week.

And the forward then mocked Atleti manager Diego Simeone with a crotch-grabbing celebration as emotions ran away with him on the night.

Simeone had performed the X-rated celebration in the first-leg between the sides, which the La Liga side won 2-0.

But the Argentine was hit with a fine by Uefa for that impromptu act, having been found guilty of an improper conduct charge.

And despite Simeone admitting the taunts of Ronaldo were impressive in the wake of the defeat, Uefa may not take such a positive view on things.

For having charged the manager with the offence, it seems likely they will have to follow suit and take similar action against Ronaldo.

And if they do, that would raise the fear for Juventus that they could see their star player banned for at least one of the quarter-final matches.

On the face of it, because Simeone was fined for the gesture it would appear likely that the same punishment could go the way of Ronaldo.

But there is also the potential argument that while the manager's actions were off the cuff, Ronaldo's were more pre-meditated.

Because in grabbing his crotch to mock Simeone, it was a clearly thought out celebration and he would struggle to argue it was instinctive because it was an exact copy.

There is also the fact the Atleti boss quickly apologised for his actions after the game – something Ronaldo has not yet done.

Even so, it is still more likely Ronaldo would be fined rather than banned – which would be a huge relief for Juve.

The draws for the quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the Champions League will take place on Friday.

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