Rafa Nadal has a WhatsApp group with rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic which three chat in – The Sun | The Sun

RAFAEL NADAL revealed that tennis' top stars are in regular contact through a WhatsApp group.

The likes of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are reportedly present in the chat which Nadal believes is vital to promoting the sport.

Federer is calling time on his career after one more doubles game alongside Nadal in London this week.

The Spaniard previously confirmed that top players do keep in contact to ensure they are all on the same page over the direction tennis is heading in.

Nadal told Dubai Eye 103.8 back in 2020: "We are in touch, no doubt. At the end of the day we talk the same language, we are together and are doing the same thing for such a long time.

Of course I will love to finish with more grand slams than anyone else but I do not obsess over it at all."

"We love what we are doing so I think we have a responsibility for promoting our sport the right way.

"So we are just trying to take care of things that can be helpful to keep promoting tennis around the world."

Nadal leads the way with 22 grand slam titles from Djokovic on 21 and Federer on 2020.

Fourteen-time French Open champ Nadal said that they do not spend much time discussing their trophy cabinets.

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Nadal added: "We don't joke much about this.

"I think everyone is doing his own thing. Of course I would love to finish with more Grand Slams than anyone else but I do not obsess over it at all.

"Personally I am super happy about my tennis career and if, in the end, Roger has more than me or Novak has more than me, or both of them, okay. Life continues.

"I don't think in ten years I will be more or less happy whether I am the top, second or third."

Previously, Djokovic has spoken of how tennis stars get on nicely amid an atmosphere of great respect.

The Serb told reporters: "We get along very well.

"I think there is a tremendous respect for each other privately and also professionally, so as long as this is the case I think everybody benefits from that, also the sport."

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