Premier League drastically rewriting rulebook so they can KICK OUT clubs who try to join future Super League

PREM bosses will rewrite their rulebook this summer – to make any future moves to join a Super League an EXPULSION offence.

The dramatic step, agreed by chief executive Richard Masters, comes in the wake of the turmoil of the past week.

Clubs outside the Big Six are still wanting payback.

And Masters is moving to ensure the rule changes go through on the nod at the June annual general meeting.

A rule making it effectively illegal to enter into any breakaway talks will be drafted.

One prominent insider explained: “This will kill off the threat….for ever.”

Masters was already part way through a thorough review of the League’s governance rules before this week’s crisis blew up.

The chief exec has demonstrated a calm and determined stance, including enlisting the backing of PM Boris Johnson.

Masters emailed all 20 club chiefs when the crisis broke.

He urged the rebels to ‘walk away immediately’ and promising ‘complete condemnation’ from all elements of the game and Westminster.



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It was already accepted that rules needed to be tightened up after the gaps were illustrated by the chaos after last season’s March shutdown.

Rows between the clubs who were seeking to close down the entire season and teams – including all of the Big Six – who were determined to play to a finish rumbled for months before Project Restart kicked into gear in June.

But the events since Sunday’s breakaway announcement, which culminated in Tuesday’s humiliating cave-in by the rebels, has further clarified the determination of Prem bosses to make sure it can never be repeated.

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